2023: More than 250 female PDP applicants competing for different positions

There are more than 250 women applicants in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) competing for different elective positions in the general elections of 2023. They are candidates for the presidency, the governorship, the senate, the House of Representatives and the houses of the state assembly and come from different states of the country. The party’s national women’s leader, Stella Effah-Attoe, revealed this when she met with the challengers in Abuja on Monday. The figure, he pointed out, is made up of applicants who have filled out and sent in their nomination forms. The interactive meeting, which was held at the National Secretariat of the PDP, aimed to improve women’s participation in politics, as well as create avenues for aspiring women to win tickets and subsequently elections at various levels. In her welcoming speech, Ms. Effah-Attoe said the meeting was necessary out of a desire to take the bull by the horns and ensure that women not only get out into politics, but participate meaningfully and win the elections. It also sought to enable aspiring and female party leaders to share ideas with veterans and draw on their wealth of experience and understand the pros and cons of women’s participation in politics with a view to offering solutions. She also expressed the hope that the meeting will help the party plan for the future and monitor the performance of women. While she urged women to take politics as seriously as men, the leader also emphasized the need to identify ways to bring more women out of the primaries. A former female PDP national leader, Josephine Anenih, urged hopefuls to do some soul-searching. Some applicants, he said, get the nomination form because it’s free, they settle with other applicants for juicy nominations, some get it for the title of “challenger,” while others get the forms to apply and win. “The first two categories give our fight and party a bad name,” he said. Challengers were also asked to learn public speaking, seek funding and abide by the local zoning arrangement in their areas or risk wasting the ticket. She also emphasized the importance of working with political gatekeepers like governors and state party chairs and not just relying on 35 percent Affirmative Action to get more women into elected office. “If you’re not qualified and no one knows you at your place, you’re not going to get the seat you’re looking for… The 35 percent affirmative action we’re claiming isn’t magic. We must work hard for it. Don’t give the PDP a bad name by saying that women are marginalized. If he is qualified, he will be given a chance. ALSO READ: PDP: We do not influence our election as candidates of the northern consensus – Bala Mohammed “You must learn to engage your local leaders and recognize them. Even if the president doesn’t like you, there are people you know that he respects. Use them to get to him,” said Ms. Anenih, a former Minister for Women’s Affairs. Speaking to reporters after the event, one presidential hopeful, Teriela Diana, expressed her confidence and determination to win the bid and eventually the main election in 2023. However, he frowned at the idea of ​​zoning, a tradition he described as unfair. “We have more than 200 ethnic groups in this country and we are talking about zoning. When are you going to zone more than 200 ethnic groups? What policies are we implementing…? In the end, challengers were assured of the party’s support, even as they were urged to attend political meetings regularly as part of the decision-making process. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; 2023: More than 250 female PDP applicants competing for different positions