2023: Nigerians must put competition above religion and ethnicity: Tinubu

Tinubu Ballthe presidential standard-bearer for the ruling APC, said on Sunday that Nigerians must choose competence and ability over ethnicity and religion in their election of leaders in 2023. Tinubu said this in a personally signed statement shortly after announcing Kashim Shettima, a sitting senator, as his running mate. Despite opposition from some quarters to a Muslim/Muslim bid, Tinubu said he chose Shettima because he believes “he is the man who can help me provide the best governance for all Nigerians, period, regardless of religious affiliation or considerations.” of ethnicity or region. He said that in order to move forward as a nation towards development and prosperity, Nigerians must break free from old ties. “We must recalibrate our political calculations so that competition and fairness matter more than reductive demographics,” he said. This newspaper had previously reported that Mr. Tinubu chose Mr. Shettima, a sitting senator and two-term governor of Borno state, as his running mate during a visit to President Muhammadu Buhari in Daura, Katsina state. The former Governor of Lagos was accompanied on the visit by the Governor of Katsina State, Bello Masari. APC presidential standard bearer Ahmed Bola Tinubu and his deputy Kashim Shettima. Read the full statement below: Statement by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Presidential Flag Bearer of the Congress of All Progressives on his choice of vice-presidential candidate. July 10, 2022* . 1. Fellow Nigerians, we enter a time of renewed hope. We have an opportunity to advance the nation and our collective cause like never before. Let’s take advantage of this moment so that history writes kindly about us. 2. It is time to focus with utmost devotion and love for the country to do everything we can to promote the ideals of good democratic and progressive government in the land. 3. We must end poverty and bring greater prosperity and more lasting peace. Let us be wise in thought but courageous in action as we embark on a collective enterprise that brings jobs, education, food, medicine, hope and faith in a better life to those in need. 4. I am ready to start this journey with you, hopefully to lead the nation on this necessary path as your next president by the grace of God. I believe this is a pivotal moment when the dynamics of history and destiny are calling us to reshape our beloved nation. This is our moment. 5. We must all respond to the call of the nation. For some, this requires us to step up, taking on new roles and responsibilities. For others, it may mean something else. For all of us, it requires us to dedicate ourselves to the collective national task like never before. 6. To reimagine and reshape the nation, I must compose the best possible team, a team formed with one overriding purpose: to forever establish a just, capable, and compassionate government for the people of Nigeria regardless of religion, region, or origin. ethnic. 7. In the weeks since I became the presidential candidate and standard-bearer for the All Progressives Congress (APC), I have been moved to see Nigerians from all walks of life demonstrate their faith in my ability to lead this country. I thank you for the shows of support that reveal to me the hope you have for the greatness of this nation. As long as we walk together and work together, we will reach our national greatness together. To this great and joyful effort I fully dedicate myself and my future work. 8. In full compliance with existing laws and regulations, I have submitted all necessary documents regarding my nomination as APC presidential candidate to INEC. But, unsurprisingly, the choice of my vice-presidential running mate remained an open and burning question. 9. This gave rise to much speculation and debate. 10. Recent Events [the voluntary withdrawal of my dear friend and brother Ibrahim Masari] I want to say that I am called today to put an end to speculation. 11. I have never been an indecisive man and have no current intention of becoming one. 12. What I am, however, is a Democrat. And a democrat must listen and consult with the people and their advisers so that he can reform and govern wisely and on his behalf. This I have done. My political career was not built on blind disregard for the opinions of others. I appreciate the perspectives of leading party members, political allies and key national figures who see the future of Nigeria as I do. They gave me their insights so that I could add their valuable insights to mine to arrive at the best possible decision and to do so in a way that strengthens the institutional fabric of our party and accelerates the evolution of our political democracy. 13. I am also a founding member of APC. I take into account the basic principles of our party, so I will not do anything to betray the spirit in which the party was created. 14. Having now listened to the wise, careful advice of a wide section of the party and the nation, there are a few points I feel I must make about the exceptional and extraordinary person with whom I will share the APC candidacy and the principles of good and open government. who informed this election. 15. A pervasive theme of my political history and personal life is my strong belief in our diversity. Greatness lies in embracing our diversity and making it work to enhance the vibrancy and fairness of our political system. My selection of a running mate is entirely consistent with this ancient bias. 16. My party’s concurrence in this matter has been a source of comfort and encouragement. We are really building a progressive party that not only represents a departure from other political parties, but can really be the best hope for good democratic governance in Nigeria. 17. I realize the momentous times we have entered. I know what is in the balance. I also know that our elections and political activities send intended and unintended signals to parts of the Nigerian electorate. 18. Throughout my life, my decisions regarding the team that surrounds and supports me have always been guided by the principles of competence, innovation, compassion, integrity, fairness and adherence to excellence. 19. When I was Governor of Lagos State, these principles helped me build one of the most capable government cabinets any state or this nation has ever seen. I trust these principles enough to allow them once again to guide me in building another exemplary team that can make Nigeria proud. 20. Second, this chapter in our country’s history calls for a bold yet pragmatic approach, a path already marked by APC’s forward-thinking spirit. President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has laid the groundwork for sustainable progress over the past seven years. Today’s challenges are significant because the lives and livelihoods of millions of Nigerians are at stake. Visionary and creative leadership will take us to our goal. 21. Our focus, therefore, must be on getting the job done; And that means getting the best, most competent people to do it. At this crucial moment, where the stakes are high, we must prioritize leadership, competence and the ability to work as a team above other considerations. 22. I am attentive to the energetic speech about the possible religion of my running mate. Just and noble people have told me about this. Some have advised me that I should select a Christian to please the Christian community. Others have said that he should choose a Muslim to appeal to the Muslim community. Clearly, I can’t do both. 23. Both sides of the debate have impressive reason and passionate arguments in support of their position. Both arguments are correct in their own way. But it’s also not right in the way that Nigeria needs at the moment. As president, I look forward to leading this nation to extraordinary progress. This will require innovation. It will require steps never taken before. It will also require decisions that are politically difficult and rare. 24. If I am going to be that type of President, I must start by being that type of candidate. Let me make the bold and innovative decision not to score political points but to move the nation and our party’s campaign closer to the greatness we were meant to achieve. 25. This is where politics ends and true leadership must begin. 26. Today I proudly announce my selection because I have not made it for religious reasons or to please one or another community. I made this decision because I believe this is the man who can help me provide the best government for all Nigerians, regardless of religious affiliation or considerations of ethnicity or region. 27. Let me say this to all of you, especially those who will be disappointed by my selection based on religious considerations. I will not and cannot ignore the religious concerns and ethnic sensitivities of our people. Taking them into due account is an important part of good and capable governance. But religion, ethnicity and region cannot always completely determine our path. To move forward as a nation towards development and prosperity, we must free ourselves from old ties. We must recalibrate our political calculations so that competition and fairness matter more than reductive demographics. 28. That is why today I announce the selection of SENATOR KASHIM SHETTIMA as my running mate and running mate in the mission to advance and restore the fortunes of this great country and the hopes of its people. 29. Senator Kasim Shettima’s career in politics and beyond demonstrates that he is eminently qualified not only to achieve that important electoral victory, but also to step into the shoes of the Vice President. As a man of talent, maturity, strength of character and patriotism, he has my implicit trust and faith. 30. I am aware that many will continue to focus on one particular detail, the question of their faith. 31. However, if we truly understand the challenges facing us as a nation, then we must also see the imperative to place governance competence above religious sentiment. 32. In 1993, Nigerians embrace boss MKO Abiola and a Muslim running mate, Baba Gana Kingibe, in one of the fairest elections ever held. 33. The spirit of 1993 is upon us again in 2023. 34. As such, the ballot that we present today represents a milestone in our political history. It symbolizes our party’s determination to be a benchmark among political parties in Africa. 35. The democratic process and decorum that characterized our presidential primaries and the selection of our vice presidential candidate exemplifies why we are the party of the people and the betterment of their future. With this selection, the Congress of All Progressives will surely continue to be the party that shows the way and leads this nation to its best future. I implore you all to join me on this journey to a brighter future. Signed. Asiwaju Bola A. Tinubu, APC presidential candidate Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; 2023: Nigerians must put competition above religion and ethnicity: Tinubu