2023: What Tinubu Should Consider in Choosing His Running Mate – Former Lieutenant Governors

Former state lieutenant governors, under the auspices of the APC Former Lieutenant Governors Forum, have called on the APC presidential candidate, Tinubu Ballto consider the core democratic ethos when choosing a running mate. Former Edo State MP Lucky Imasuen, who is the national chairman of FFDGN-APC, stated this during a press conference in Abuja on Thursday. He said the process of choosing a running mate is a delicate task. Imasuen was flanked by other former lieutenant governors, including Femi Pedro, who served as Tinubu’s deputy between 2003 and 2007. It stated that Mr. Tinubu “is competent enough to handle the complexities of Nigeria without rancor and play down overriding feelings on the basis of religion or tribe by putting Nigeria first. “FFDGN-APC, however, called on our presidential candidate Tinubu and party leaders and stakeholders to first consider the core democratic spirit in coming to a sensible decision on a running mate for the APC,” he said. . Imasuen said Tinubu’s appearance is causing panic in the camp of the main opposition party. He added that the former lieutenant governors are committed to campaigning to secure victory in 2023. “Without a doubt, the emergence of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as our party’s standard-bearer for the 2023 presidential election has sent nervousness to the opposition party camp and they have realized the irreversible mistake made by choosing a presidential candidate against the mood . of the NATION. With the emergence of Tinubu, even the main opposition party already has a feeling of defeat”, he stated. Controversy over candidate for vice president Tinubu, a Muslim from the south, faces an uphill battle to choose a running mate. He can choose a Christian from the north or stick with a Muslim/Muslim ticket. The issue was raised by Félix Nicolás, a presidential hopeful, who resigned in place of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. Felix, while announcing his withdrawal from the race, said that the country cannot afford a Muslim/Muslim ticket. Also, at the convention, a text message was circulating from an unknown source, claiming that the former Lagos State Governor had decided to go on a Muslim/Muslim ticket. The Tinubu Campaign Organization issued a statement debunking the text message. SEE: Governor Yahaya Bello’s roadmap to Hope 2023 Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; 2023: What Tinubu Should Consider in Choosing His Running Mate – Former Lieutenant Governors