Alleged rape: how Baba Ijesha met and dated the princess

On Friday, a famous comedian and entertainer, Ogunbayo Oluwakayode, popularly called Pastor Jerosi, revealed how Baba Ijesha met and dated comedian Damilola Adekoya aka Princess. Presented as evidence by a co-defense attorney, Kayode Olabiran, Pastor Jerosi told the court that he worked with Baba Ijesha for more than 15 years in the entertainment industry. He revealed this when he testified at Baba Ijesha’s alleged rape trial at the Special Offenses Court, Ikeja Lagos. During the proceedings on Friday, the defense attorney, Dada Awosika, notified the court that Pastor Jerosi was the fourth and final defense witness for the trial. Baba Ijesha has been embroiled in a messy rape scandal with Princess’s adopted daughter after he was arrested on April 22, 2021. Previously, Pastor Jerosi, in his testimony, claimed that Baba Ijesha and Princess were in a relationship. On March 4, Baba Ijesha confirmed that Princess was her lover during the last hearing. He also said the alleged rape incident that led to his arrest was a mere movie script, a statement Princess has yet to dispute. How it all began Pastor Jerosi said that he worked with a team of five presenters, Baba Latin, Baba Ijesha, the late Baba Suwe and Princess, who were presenting different programs on the radio. He, however, clarified that Princess was not always part of the team, not until she called his hotline during one of the shows featuring ”Órisun” and asked to join them. Baba Ijesha leaving the court room Pastor Jerosi told the court that he did not know they were an item all along. He said, “Sometime in April 2015, Princess called Baba Ijesha, then I was with him and she said she had a surprise for him. We had just finished a show on Ogun and were headed to Ltv for another, but Baba Ijesha insisted we visit Princess and see what the surprise was. So I took Baba Ijesha to Princess’s house somewhere in Aguda Surulere, and Princess was already waiting for him when we arrived with a man and an old woman who turned out to be her mother. Then Baba Ijesha got out of the car and greeted the old lady while I stayed inside the car.” ” After a while, Baba Ijesha came out of the house in the company of the old woman, and I heard the old woman say, ‘Please take care of Damilola. I know she can be stubborn. “I had always had my guesses about Baba Ijesha and Princess, but I wasn’t sure, but seeing this, it seemed that Baba Ijesha had come to introduce me. So when Baba Ijesha got into the car, I finally asked her the question, “Are you dating the princess?” Baba Ijesha jokingly said that he was dating Princess, but that she was taking the relationship too far,” the witness said. Pastor Jerosi said that he warned Baba Ijesha that Princess might have taken the relationship too seriously, but Ijesha did not listen. cross-examination Princess, who was absent from the hearing, was represented by her attorney YA Sule. Mr. Sule argued that Pastor Jerosi’s testimony was misplaced in the case because he was absent from the house at Princess 13, Wabe street, Iwaya Lagos, on April 19, 2022, when Baba Ijesha allegedly raped a minor. . Baba Ijesha was tried on June 24, 2021 and since then six witnesses for the prosecution have testified against him. They are the comedian Princesa, the youngest under 14, an expert on children; Olabisi Ajayi-Kayode, physician; Aniekan Makanjuola, investigating police officer Wahab Kareem, and a policewoman, Abigail Omane. The DPP closed its case against the accused on December 15, 2021, while Baba Ijesha opened his defense on February 17. The case was adjourned until June 6 for the prosecution and defense attorneys to adopt their final written directions. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Alleged rape: how Baba Ijesha met and dated the princess