Amotekun catches a 30-year-old man with fresh human parts, another 31 in Ondo

The fate ran against a 30-year-old man, Timothy Odeniyi, as the Ondo State Security Network Agency, codenamed Amotekun, caught him with fresh human parts for ritual and monetary purposes. Odeniyi, who was arrested on Sunday in Ondo city, the seat of the state’s Ondo West local government area, paraded along with 31 other suspects, ranging in age from 10 to 30, at Amotekun’s office, Akure. Addressing reporters, State Corps Commander Adetunji Adeleye revealed that 150 suspects were arrested in the month of January 2022 for various crimes. Adeleye pointed out that the suspects were captured in different places for kidnapping, armed robbery, vandalism, child grazing, possession of firearms, human rituals and some who escaped on bail. “Lately, the trend is moving from daily kidnappings to ritual killings. He was caught and arrested with parts of a human being wrapped in a bag, and after questioning, he took us to the place where he had the person killed and buried in a shallow grave. “We want the public to be careful who they hang out with. Other suspects in our custody were arrested for kidnapping, armed robbery, vandalizing power lines under construction, and grazing minors.” The head of Amotekun assured that the suspects will be imputed to the courts after the conclusion of the preliminary investigation by the intelligence department of the body. Odeniyi, who claimed to be a tow driver for a popular brewery who resigned in 2020, confirmed that he was caught with a bag containing two severed human hands and two human legs in the Sabo area of ​​Ondo city on Sunday. He, however, claimed that he did not kill anyone and explained that he exhumed the body from a graveyard in Sabo, in the city of Ondo. “I was a trucker but I left in 2021. Dara Niyikaye promised me 30 million naira at the breweries to deliver the fresh human parts,” he said. Read More Related News Here Do you have an opinion about this; Amotekun catches a 30-year-old man with fresh human parts, another 31 in Ondo | Newslodge Nigeria News Let’s hear it in the comment below