APC Senate hopeful denies receiving cash, car to quit Umahi

Ann Agom-Eze, the Congress of all progressives (APC), a contender for the Ebonyi Southern District, has denied allegations that it accepted a Toyota Prado SUV, a house, cash and land to resign from Governor David Umahi. She described the accusations as unsubstantiated, unfounded and absent-minded. On Friday, a Federal High Court in Abakaliki ordered a replay of the district’s primary, with Ms. Agom-Eze listed as one of the contestants. The sentence was issued in a lawsuit filed by Mr. Umahi against the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). The governor had asked the court to order the INEC to recognize him as the genuine candidate for senator from the Ebonyi Southern District. Before the sentence handed down by Judge Fatun Riman, there were rumors that Ms. Agom-Eze accepted more than N40 million and other items to withdraw from the race. Meanwhile, the Ebonyi State Government, in a statement by Governor Umahi’s Special Assistant for Strategy, Chooks Okoh, accused Ms. Agom-Eze of submitting falsified documents to the INEC. Ms Agom-Eze, on Sunday, said that the accusation was not only baseless and unfounded, but a diversionary move to mislead voters. According to her, “the rumor that I raised several amounts of money, with a Prado, a house in Ochoudo, are pure lies. I never asked for, and never received such a thing from anyone. “This is baseless, baseless and distracting. “This latest move is intended to confuse the people of Ebonyi in order to divert their attention from the reality of the time. But I am happy that the people of Ebonyi are wiser now than before and will not let anyone fool them again. “They have been blowing up all sorts of documents and trying to mislead the electorate about what the realities are on the ground. “You shouldn’t take them seriously. Are they aware of what the court said on Friday and what is expected of them? They must fight back. “But they must be reminded that, despite their tantrums, the constituents of the southern Ebonyi area yearn for change and have repeatedly said that I am the change they need right now. “I want to serve my people and give them the best representation. That is my approach. I don’t want to be distracted now by his whims and whims,” she said. Background Ms. Agom-Eze, in the run-up to the Ebonyi Southern District primary, said her life was in danger due to her refusal to resign for the governor’s younger brother, Austin Umahi. She contested the primaries and lost to the young Umahi in May. But weeks later, the APC announced Austin’s resignation, paving the way for another primary in which the governor was said to have been elected unopposed. ALSO READ: Another loss for Governor Umahi as court rejects his senatorial bid However, when the INEC published the list of candidates for the National Assembly elections, it omitted the name of the governor. The commission did not name any candidate for the district APC, leading Governor Umahi to sue the INEC. The court in its ruling agreed that INEC was correct in having omitted Mr. Umahi’s name. The court said APC was wrong to omit Ms Agom-Eze’s name from the list of candidates for the new primaries. The court ordered another election within 14 days. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; APC Senate hopeful denies receiving cash, car to quit Umahi