Cameroon beat Burkina Faso in stunning fashion to win the bronze medal

On Saturday, host Cameroon came back from the dead to challenge for Burkina Faso’s bronze medal in a thrilling competition at the Stade Ahmadou Ahidjo in Yaoundé. After dropping to three goals, the Lions roared back to 3-3 before scoring the ensuing penalty kick 5-3 to win the exciting contest. After failing their original mission to host and win, many thought the Indomitable Lions would be keen to at least pick up the bronze medal as consolation, as the desirable was now out of their reach. But that wasn’t the case initially, as the Stallions seemed to want the bronze medal more and upped their game to beat the hosts. First half Cameroon had most of the ball in the opening minutes but were cautious with no clear chances for either team in the first five minutes. However, in the eighth minute of the game, Burkina Faso made their first attempt but Edmond Tapsoba’s header went wide. Tapsoba attempted a long shot two minutes later, but it was an easy catch by Cameroonian goalkeeper Andre Onana. Although Cameroon seemed to be dominating the game, the Burkinabe were creating decent chances and their effort finally paid off just before half an hour when Steve Yago opened the scoring. A good cross from the right found its way to the far post and Yago made a late run to fire into the roof of the net to give Burkina Faso the lead. While this was exactly the scenario that played out when these teams met in the opening match of the Afcon A few weeks ago, instead of drawing, it was Burkina Faso who doubled their lead. Isaa Kabore reached the baseline on the right and finished off a cross that Cameroonian goalkeeper Onana disrupted by turning it into his own goal. ALSO READ: It’s Mane vs Salah in AFCON final as Cameroon loses to Egypt There was a VAR check to see if the ball had gone out, but replays clearly showed it was still in. Burkina Faso therefore doubled their lead just before half time. second half While one would expect the Indomitable Lions to roar in the second half, it was Burkina Faso who further extended their lead through Dango Ouattarao just five minutes after the restart. Burkina Faso maintained their 3-0 lead until the 70th minute, when Cameroon’s revival began and Stepanhe Bahoken pulled one back for the hosts. Although it initially seemed that Bahoken’s effort was too little too late, Lions captain Vicent Aboubakar rose to the occasion once again scoring quick goals in the 85th and 87th minutes to make it 3-3. The match went straight to extra time, but this time, the lightning ignited for a second time as Cameroon prevailed 5-3 on penalties to take home the bronze medal. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Cameroon beat Burkina Faso in stunning fashion to win the bronze medal