Clashes in Syrian camps with the Islamic State leave four dead

Four people, including a child, were killed in clashes between Islamic State group fighters and Kurdish forces at a camp in northeastern Syria that houses relatives of jihadists, a war monitor said on Tuesday. Around 56,000 people live in Al-Hol, an overcrowded Kurdish-run camp for displaced people that has been plagued by killings and regular escape attempts, according to the United Nations. The camp houses some 10,000 foreigners, including the wives and children of IS fighters who are being held in a high-security annex guarded by Kurdish forces. “Violent clashes broke out on Monday night between the security forces responsible for the camp and IS cells,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. The clashes “resulted in the death of a man, a woman and a child (…) and the murder of a member of an Islamic State cell,” the Observatory added. Four women and six children were also injured in the clashes, said the Britain-based monitor, which relies on a wide network of sources inside Syria. Kurdish security forces in Asayish said the clashes started after members of an armed “cell” attacked one of their patrols in Al-Hol. The perpetrators used Kalashnikovs, pistols and rocket-propelled grenades during the attack, Asayish said in a statement. The Asayish did not identify the attackers, but said they were hiding among relatives of the Islamic State detained in the camp. “Our forces managed to kill one of the cell members,” the statement said. Kurdish forces warned last week that a lack of international support risked allowing a jihadist resurgence as they marked three years since the declared defeat of the so-called IS caliphate. Kurdish authorities have repeatedly called on Western countries to repatriate their citizens detained in northeast Syria, but most have been reluctant for fear of a domestic political backlash. Read More Related World News Here | Asia News Today What do you think about this; Clashes in Syrian camps with the Islamic State leave four dead | Newslodge Nigeria News Let’s hear your opinion in the comment below!