Court orders Navy to pay royalties for late Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu

Judge Christopher Balogun of a Lagos High Court, Ikeja, ordered the Nigerian Navy to pay the rights and benefits of the late retired Rear Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu, former military administrator of Lagos, to a dedicated account that earns interest. The court issued the order in an ongoing proceeding of a lawsuit filed yesterday by Ms. Gladys Ndubuisi Kanu against her stepchildren and the Nigerian Navy over her estate. In the lawsuit, marked LD/3685FPM/2021, Chief Gladys seeks to be declared the only legal wife of the late Admiral Kanu. The defendants in the lawsuit are the decedent’s children, Kelly Kanu, Simone Abiona (Nee Kanu), Andrey Joe-Ezigbo (nee Kanu), Paula Kanu and Karen Johnson (Nee Kanu), Jeffery Kanu, Laura Kanu, Stephen Kanu, Josephine Ndubuisi Kanu and the Nigerian Navy. Chief Gladys also sought a court order to declare that she is the sole widow of the late Admiral Kanu. She said that she and the deceased lived together until his death. She said that she was married to him for 27 years, but she was with him for 31 years. However, at the resumption of the hearing, Judge Balogun said that the case and appeals should be simplified to the real issues, excluding burial. Mr. Tomilade Shodimu, counsel for the first, third and ninth defendants, reminded the court that he had ordered all nine pending applications to be included. He noted that he received the plaintiff’s request to change counsel. Nigerian Navy lawyer Ms. CG Cirbam told the court that she had filed an application with the court to remove the service from the list of accused as the burial of the late Kanu had taken place. His position was opposed by the plaintiff’s lawyer, Mr. O. Owoh, who argued that the name of the Nigerian Navy cannot be blacked out now as it still has the right of the deceased. The court, however, granted an expedited hearing, noting that one of the deceased’s wives was married under native laws and customs while the other was married under Law and has children for him. The judge said that he is guided by law and statute that all children are entitled to benefit from their late father’s estate. Judge Balogun further stated that there is no question about the status of the children, as according to the Lagos State Probate Administration Act, all 10 children were legitimate children of the deceased. Subsequently, the court advised the parties to ensure that all court proceedings and documents are duly regularized, as the proceedings would be set for trial. Therefore, it was postponed until February 7, 2022. The plaintiff has changed lawyers for the sixth time in the lawsuit. Read More Related News Here Do you have an opinion about this; Court orders Navy to pay royalties for late Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu | Newslodge Nigeria News Let’s hear it in the comment below