Court sentences four to death for armed robbery and murder

A Ado-Ekiti High Court has sentenced four men, Babangida Amodu, 25, Oluwafemi Ibrahim, 20, Ojo Ayodele, 25, and Okunato Dada, 20, convicted of armed robbery and murder to death by hanging. The four men, who were indicted on charges of conspiracy, armed robbery and murder on October 4, 2018, have pleaded not guilty, but the court ordered their preventive detention. In sentencing, the judge, John Adeyeye, said: “It is obvious that the defendants acted in concert as they all agreed to rob Ibrahim Isiaka and Mohammed Sanusi, who died as a result of injuries inflicted on him during the robbery. “. “In conclusion, the prosecution has successfully proven all three counts of conspiracy to rob, armed robbery, and murder against him and each of them has been convicted accordingly with respect to each of the crimes. “Each of the defendants is warned and acquitted on count one (conspiracy), and sentenced to death by hanging until they die on count two (armed robbery) and count three (murder). “May the Lord have mercy on their souls,” the judge said. According to the charge, the four convicts on June 7, 2018, in the Ijoka area of ​​Ado Ekiti, conspired and robbed Ibrahim Isiaka of his phone and N1,500 while armed with guns and knives. The charge sheet further stated that on the same day, date and place mentioned above, the convicts murdered Muhammed Sanusi. The offences, said Felix Awoniyi, the prosecutor said, were in contravention of sections 516, 402(2) and 316 of the Penal Code Cap C16 Laws of the Ekiti State of Nigeria, 2012. Mr. Awoniyi called five witnesses during the trial and submitted statements from the four convicts and medical reports as evidence. Prosecution witness Mr. Isiaka, who was brought as a witness by Mr. Awoniyi, recalled that he and the deceased were going to buy food and charge their phones near the mosque in Ijoka, at 7:45 p.m., when the defendants attacked them. “We were approaching the charging center, some thugs showed up and stopped us, they demanded our phones and money. “We refused their requests and they dragged me away and collected my Techno phone valued at N7,500 and a cash sum of N1,500. “When they started beating Sanusi, I ran out to call our people, but before we got there, they were gone. “We found the deceased in a pool of blood; he having been stabbed in the neck. “I recognized the faces of the defendants during the act and then the case was reported to the police station,” he said. The defense team, composed of Messrs. Adeyinka Opaleke, Coordinator of the Ekiti State Legal Assistance Council; O. Abiola and A. Ayobioloja did not call witnesses. (YAYA) Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Court sentences four to death for armed robbery and murder