Despite the court ruling, I am still the governor of Ebonyi

Governor David Umahi has said he remains the governor of Ebonyi state despite Tuesday’s Federal High Court ruling that removed him from office. He urged the people of the state to remain calm as he was sure to overturn the ruling in the appeals court. Speaking to reporters in Abakaliki, the capital of Ebonyi state, he also accused the judge, Inyang Ekwo, of bias against him and Ebonyi state. He said he sent a petition against the judge to the Nigerian Judicial Council (NJC). Mr. Umahi claimed that the judge lacked the powers to remove him as governor as he is covered by the immunity clause that protects him from any form of litigation other than a pre-election and court matter. He claims previous sentences that vindicate him Umahi also pointed out that there were two other similar cases involving the defection of state governors to other parties, in Ebonyi and Zamfara states. He said that the two courts in their separate rulings ruled in favor of the governors. “The constitution stipulates that the only way a governor can vacate his or her seat is by death, resignation, or impeachment by the House of Assembly,” the Ebonyi governor said. “There is no other provision that empowers an ax to turn the constitution upside down. I have heard Ekwo’s judgment and it is very obvious that he was on a mission. He was doing everything he could to overturn the decisions of the Supreme and Appellate courts on issues like this. “We have heard the rumors before now that he was determined to pass sentence against all known laws and the constitution to embarrass the APC and the federal government. “For me, I don’t feel worried, but I feel very sorry for the judiciary. The executive may be in trouble, the legislature may be in trouble, but the moment justice can be bought, then we will be in trouble in this country. And this afternoon’s ruling is clear evidence that this country is in trouble. “And let me tell you that this same judge has more than 10 cases against the Ebonyi state government with him and you can imagine what he is going to rule on. We have filed a petition with the NJC and will follow up to ensure this man is brought to justice. “I want you to ignore the sentence, it is null and void, there is a remaining sentence in the states of Ebonyi and Zamfara. So we have chosen the one to obey, we will not obey their ruling, we will obey the ruling of a competent court of coordinated jurisdiction that says that a governor cannot be sued. “The sections of the constitution are very clear, civil or criminal proceedings cannot be brought against a sitting governor. This is not a pre-election issue, this is not a court issue. So he has murdered justice in this country and he and his generation will be remembered for this justice in the jungle that has no legs to stand on. “I am still the governor of Ebonyi state and he has no power to remove me,” Umahi said. Umahi also argued that the judge lacked the power to declare vacant seats for members of the House of Assembly. ALSO READ: Defection: Court dismisses Governor of Ebonyi Umahi, MP He said previous rulings have made it clear that only the president of the House of Assembly or the National Assembly can declare legislators’ seats vacant. The bag PREMIUM TIMES reported how Mr. Umahi and his deputy, Kelechi Igwe, were sacked Tuesday by the Abuja Federal High Court for defecting from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to the All Progressives Congress (APC). Determined to reclaim their mandate, the PDP sued Messrs. Umahi, Igwe, APC and INEC. Passing sentence in the case on Tuesday, Judge Inyang Ekwo ordered the governor and his deputy to step down. Mr. Ekwo ordered the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to receive the names of the PDP candidates to replace Messrs. Umahi and Igwe. “The votes in any election in Nigeria are for the political parties, not for the candidates,” the judge said. The PDP had asked the court to make a statement that by defecting from the party in which Messrs. Umahi and Igwe were sponsored and elected, they had resigned or were considered to have resigned from their position. While the court’s ruling stands, for now, the governor is expected to remain in office until the appeal process is complete, likely when the Supreme Court rules on the matter. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Despite the court ruling, I am still the governor of Ebonyi