Ekiti’s PDP factions revive the conflict over the position of president

After a lousy start in the gubernatorial election, the Peoples Democratic Party in Ekiti hostilities have resumed, this time over who becomes the party’s substantive president. The perennial crisis, which threatened the party’s existence in the state, erupted in the run-up to the gubernatorial primaries that produced Bisi Kolawole as the party’s candidate. Although a temporary truce was held before and during the election, the gladiators appeared to have returned to their previous positions, straining party structures. The new disagreement is between the former governor, Ayodele Fayose, and some party leaders over the appointment of Alaba Agboola, as substantive president. A party faction loyal to Fayose had previously announced Agboola as substantive chairman, a move that angered other party members. These aggrieved people have called on members to ignore the action of Mr. Fayose and his minions. Mr. Kolawole was the chairman of the party before he was nominated as a candidate for the gubernatorial elections. While he was pursuing the ambition of governor, his deputy, Lanre Omolase, was appointed to run party affairs in an interim capacity. A statement by Mr Omolase and made available to journalists in Ado Ekiti on Monday said that Mr Agboola of Ijero Ekiti would now be the substantive president instead of Mr Kolawole who resigned as state president to contest the gubernatorial election. He said that the appointment of Mr. Agboola as substantive state president was one of the resolutions reached at the State Executive Committee meeting held in Ado Ekiti on Monday. “In the meeting of the Exco of the PDP, State of Ekiti, which was held in the Secretary of State of the Party, at the request of the Hon. Lanre Omolase, on Monday, July 4, 2022, deliberated on the need to appoint a substantive President for our Party, in accordance with the Party Constitution”, reads the Statement signed by Omolase and the Secretary of State, Funmi Ogun. “Article 47(6) of the Constitution of our great Party, the Peoples’ Democratic Party, states that: ‘When a vacancy occurs in any of the party’s offices, the Executive Committee at the appropriate level shall appoint another person from the area or zone where the officer originated to fulfill the officer’s mandate.’ “Consequently and in view of the resignation of our former party chairman, Hon Bisi Kolawole, who became our party’s standard-bearer in the recent Ekiti state gubernatorial election, the state executive committee members present deliberated on a fit and capable stalwart from the same area as our former president and unanimously appointed Hon. Alaba Agboola as substantive President, to fulfill the rest of the mandate of our former President. “It was also resolved that Bro. Lanre Omolase, the (acting) president, should return to his elected position as vice president of our party, PDP, Ekiti state, while the national officials of our great party, corporate organizations, as well as the numerous members of our party and the general public be immediately notified of the appointment of our new substantive president of the Party”. But countering the position advocated by Fayose loyalists, the party’s state publicity secretary, Raphael Adeyanju, said the move was undemocratic. ALSO READ: 2023: Atiku speaks out on grievances in PDP, says party members’ sentiments will be addressed “This is to inform the general public that former Governor Fayose’s alleged appointment of the chairman of the state PDP Party should be disregarded in its entirety as he cannot put anything into anything,” he said. “The entire process of appointing the President of the State Party is the sole responsibility of the State Executive Council (SEC), which comprises all the main party stakeholders numbering around 60. “The state SEC meeting is currently underway to ratify the central senatorial district nomination, thereby satisfying section 47(6) of the party constitution. “The name of the substantive state chair of the PDP, as confirmed by the SEC, will be announced shortly. “Ignore all other communications that are not from the official party spokesperson.” Mr. Fayose had always gotten his way in the conflicts that had plagued the party in the past, creating deadlocks and defections. The emergence of party candidates in the last election was one instance that created a lull in member participation, as only those loyal to the former governor emerged victorious. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Ekiti’s PDP factions revive the conflict over the position of president