#EndSARS panel summons police inspector for death of octogenarian in custody

The #EndSARS panel investigating cases of police brutality in Abuja has summoned a police inspector for the alleged death in custody of an 83-year-old man. The panel ordered the police officer identified as ‘Inspector Sunday’, a member of the defunct Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), to appear in respect of the Samuel Adagbor case. In the order issued on Friday, the #EndSARS panel requested the police officer to appear to provide relevant information and documents to shed more light on the arrest, detention and subsequent death of Mr. Adagbor. Earlier on Wednesday, the petitioner and the decedent’s daughter, Angela Benjamin, told the panel that the octogenarian and his wife were arrested by police sometime in August 2019 at their family’s home in Agbor, Delta State. . They were arrested, he said, on charges that they ran a “baby factory.” The family denied the allegation in the petition filed with the panel. While the wife, whose arrest came immediately after giving birth to a baby via caesarean section, was released after a week in custody, her husband was transferred to the SARS detention center in Abuja, said Ms. Benjamin. alleged extortion Mrs. Benjamin said that the police blackmailed the family, taking advantage of their desperation to free the father. “The police asked for N2 million which my father’s wife paid in installments. They demanded another N4 million and we had to put my father’s house in the village up for sale. But no one bought it for fear of being affected by the same situation,” he said. She said the N2million raised by the family was paid to Inspector Sunday, who promised to use it “to liquidate other officers” for the old man’s release. He said that despite the payment, family members frequented the SARS detention center in Abbatoir, Abuja, but were not allowed to see him. “We visited him but we were not allowed to see him and when we called, our calls were avoided,” Ms Benjamin said. Death According to the petitioner, the family would receive the news seven months after the octogenarian’s arrest that he had died in custody. The time the family received the news narrowed down to March 2020, approximately seven months from the time of the man’s arrest in August 2019. Ms. Benjamin told the panel that police did not inform the family of Mr. Adagbor’s death until four months after his passing. “When we found out, we went to the detention center to inquire, but we didn’t get an answer until after four months,” he said. He added that when they asked to see the body, they were told that he had died at Gwagwalada hospital in Abuja. But she said they couldn’t find a record of her at the hospital. She said that the family wrote a letter in 2019 to the Inspector General of Police-Intelligence Response Team (IGP-IRT) for the delivery of the body, but did not get a positive response. Ms. Benjamin, who burst into tears as she recounted the ordeals the family faced over the matter, told the panel that her brother, Peace Adagbor, collapsed and died while running for their father’s release. “My brother died and left behind his wife and children who are now in abject poverty. The children are not going to school, the rent on the house is behind, and I don’t know what to do,” Mrs. Benjamin said as she sobbed. He added that the family had not been able to bury his brother because his father had not been buried. panel cross-examination Responding to questions from the panel, Ms. Benjamin said that she did not know Inspector Sunday’s full name, but provided his telephone number. When asked why they had written to IGP-IRT instead of SARS which she claimed arrested her father in the first place, she said the letter was written by her late brother. ALSO READ: How police killed my two children on the same day, woman tells #EndSARS panel He also said, while answering a question, that they wanted N100 million as compensation for the family, especially for the education of the children who have not been to school. panel failure The panel, after hearing his testimony, ordered the police to bring in Inspector Sunday to unravel the case. advertisements The police asked that the cross-examination of Mrs Benjamin be postponed until they can call Inspector Sunday. The panel, chaired by Garba Tetengi, who is acting in the absence of substantive chairman Suleiman Galadima, a retired Supreme Court judge, ordered the police to present the Inspector on Sunday at their next session on the case. “Therefore, the panel ordered the inspector to appear on Sunday at the next postponed date,” Tetengi ruled. Another member of the panel, John Aikpokpo-Martins, advised that a copy of the petition be attached to the summons to allow Inspector Sunday and the police to prepare for his defense before the next session of the case. The panel adjourned the case until March 29 for cross-examination of the petitioner and defense by the police. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; #EndSARS panel summons police inspector for death of octogenarian in custody