#EndSARS: Police demand N500m compensation for IGP, others, for alleged defamation

Police on Tuesday urged the #EndSARS panel in Abuja to award them N500 million as compensation for an alleged defamatory complaint brought to the panel by a petitioner. Police defense attorney Umoh Una said that the petitioner, who accused the police of extrajudicial killing, tarnished the reputation of the Inspector General of Police and the Imo State Police Commissioner were joined as defendants in the petition. The petitioner, Unonnaye Ogu, had accused the police of killing Chibikem Peter in a shootout between the police and suspected members of the Movement for the Updating of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) sometime in March 2004. Mr. Ogu had told the panel that Mr. Peter, who was a shopkeeper, was on his way to Owerri, the capital of Imo State, when the business car he boarded entered the chaotic scene. The petitioner, a relative of the deceased, had narrated that the drivers had to stop while all the passengers ran out of the vehicles in different directions for safety. FILE: EndSARS Protest at Lekki Tollgate ‘Petitioner’s testimony is rumour’ In his final statement on the case on Tuesday, the police attorney said that the petitioner’s testimony was all hearsay and therefore inadmissible. “The hearsay testimony was not a repetition, but a position taken by the petitioner as reality. Such evidence can never be admissible,” Una said. He added that throughout the testimony there was no evidence linking the victim to the defendants. He urged the panel to dismiss the petition and demanded that the defendants be compensated. “We demand that the panel award N500 million to the defendants as compensation for the baseless accusations against them,” Una said. ‘How the police killed the victim’ The petitioner had testified, during the earlier hearing, that Mr. Peter was caught in crossfire during a shootout between police and MASSOB members some 19 years ago. He said Mr. Peter was hit by a stray bullet and was heard screaming for police help. He said police officers, who appeared to have rushed to the scene to rescue him, were later seen shooting him in the chest. Mr. Ogu told the panel that some witnesses, who saw what happened, tracked the deceased’s parents to their town and reported the incident. He said that the father of the deceased person, Emeka Nkaru, followed the informants to the place of his son’s death and visited various police stations in search of the body. The body, according to the petitioner, was later located in the morgue of the Federal Medical Center, Owerri. Ogu said he immediately requested the release of the body, but was denied. He said that all efforts to recover the body had failed and that Nkaru, the deceased father, later died “of frustration and shock”. The panel rises for the report The panel chaired by Garba Tetengi in the absence of the president, Suleiman Galadima, adjourned the case for the panel’s report. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; #EndSARS: Police demand N500m compensation for IGP, others, for alleged defamation