Everything about Regina Daniels: background, career, films, husband, net worth

  Everything about Regina Daniels: background, career, films, husband, net worth: Regina Daniels is a well-known Nigerian actress who has appeared in films such as Broken Chakkels (2017), Hand of Fate 2 (2012), and Brave Mind (2012). Anyone who is conversant with the Nollywood industry has undoubtedly heard of the actress. The young lady began acting at a young age. She actually appeared in the movie Marriage of Sorrow when she was only seven years old, when she was just a child actress. Source: instagram.com, @regina.daniels Profile outline Date of birth: 10th October 2000 Place of birth: Asaba, Nigeria Age: 21 years (as of July 2022) Nationality: Nigerian Weight: 64 Kilograms Relationship status: Married Occupation: Actress The actress, despite her early age, has already accomplished a great deal, surpassing the capabilities of many of us by a wide margin. Although there is no information about her father that can be found on the internet, her mother is a very well-known figure in the field. Her mother, Rita Daniels, is well-known in the acting community and holds a major position within the Delta State Actors Guild. In order for her daughter Regina to achieve success as an actor, Regina’s mother Rita Daniels encouraged and supported her daughter in every conceivable manner. Siblings The actress has five brothers and sisters: Samuel Daniels, Lawrence Daniels, Emmanuel Daniels, Ifeoma Daniels, and Destiny Daniels. She is the fifth of a total of six children that make up their household. Education She received her education at the illustrious Hollywood International School in Asaba, which is located in the state of Delta in Nigeria. She enrolled at Igbinedion University in the year 2018 to pursue a degree in Mass Communication. Source: instagram.com, @regina.daniels Career The actress’s debut role was in the film Marriage of Sorrow, and she was paid 10,000 Naira for her work there. Since she first began working in the entertainment sector, the actress has established herself as a leading role in a number of films. Films Remember not to overlook her filmography! Despite the fact that she is still young, she has already appeared in a number of movies, including: Stronger Than The Gods Hanging Coffin Tears of Ojiugo Wipe of Sorrows The Jericho The Bat-Man Python Girl Royal Covenant The King and The Python Twins Apart Husband Prince Ned Munir Nwoko, better known as Ned Nwoko, is the actress’s husband. He has experience in the legal profession, in business, and in politics. The ceremony commemorating Regina Daniels’ marriage took held on May 26, 2019, in the Aniocha local government area of Delta State. The couple became parents for the first time in June of the year 2020, when a son was born to them. The fact that Ned is forty years older than Regina is one of the most significant talking points regarding the nature of their relationship. Source: instagram.com, @regina.daniels Philantropy The actress founded a charitable organization called the Regina Daniels Foundation with the intention of giving back to the community and caring for children who are in need as well as those who suffer physical problems such as being orphaned or having a disability. Every year, on the same day when people all over the world celebrate Children’s Day, Regina and her team put on large events at which they give children gifts such as nice food, clothes, and learning materials, among other things. Net worth The actress reportedly possesses a net worth of $1.5 million, as reported by Austine Media. Regina Daniels, who is only 21 years old, has managed to establish herself as one of the most prominent and well-liked actresses not only in Nigeria but also across the globe. Her success has helped propel her to the top of her profession. ________________________________________________________________________ regina daniels, regina daniels husband, how old is regina daniels, regina daniels age, regina daniels biography, biography of regina daniels, regina daniels first movie