Former Kano Commissioner Apologizes To Gantuve For Facebook Post

A former Kano State Infrastructure and Works Commissioner, Muazu Magaji, apologized on Thursday to Abdullahi Ganduthe state governor, for a Facebook post that allegedly defamed the governor’s character. Magaji, who was appointed commissioner by Gantuve, was jailed in January for the Facebook post. He was indicted at the 58th Magistrates Court in Nomansland, Kano, on a four-count charge of defamation of character, intentional insult, prejudicial falsehood and inciting a riot against Mr. Gantuve. The charges contravened Sections 392, 399 and 114 of the Kano State Criminal Justice Administration of 1999. In the apology he posted on his verified Facebook page, Mr. Magaji said: “Having offended (Governor Abdullahi Umar Gantuve) publicly on my Facebook page, I also thought it appropriate to make my unqualified apologies to you and your family via Of the same. medium. “Therefore, I want to write this message to extend my sincerest apologies to HE AU Gantuve and his family for my unfortunate Facebook post in early January 2022 which may have resulted in unintended harm to HE and his family as well. as the unintended perception that it can have. borders on HE’s reputation and leadership. “Without giving any excuses, the posted image did not originate from me, but shortly after posting it on my Facebook page I was made to understand that my comment posted with the image may have been misconstrued by many as an intentional attempt to spread harm. to HE’s character and morals was therefore immediately removed from my page after a few minutes of my posting as it was never intended to spread or mislead the public about HE’s character or leadership. “I sincerely apologize for the pain and anguish my post may have inadvertently caused HE Gantuve and his family. “For the record, I remain grateful to HE Gantuve for the love and trust he has shown me, as well as the opportunities he has offered me in his administration,” Mr. Magaji wrote. It is unclear whether the court forced Magaji, a member of the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP), to issue the apology, or whether he did so voluntarily. SEE: Governor Yahaya Bello’s roadmap to Hope 2023 Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Former Kano Commissioner Apologizes To Gantuve For Facebook Post