Fuel stations do not sell 24 hours as NNPC says

Some gas stations in Abuja on NNPC says they are dispensing Gasoline 24 hours a day in an attempt to clear the queues that have built up for weeks they just aren’t doing that. Of the 48 stations that the company listed with 24-hour service in the federal capital, PREMIUM TIMES confirmed that at least four were closed and did not sell fuel and five did not operate day and night. Nigerians, especially in the federal capital, have endured an unpredictable supply of fuel for nearly a year, with gas stations operating at reduced capacity. The crisis began in 2021 after the government announced its plan to eliminate fuel subsidies. Traders, whom regulators initially accused of hoarding the product, refused to resume normal operations even after the subsidy removal plan was suspended. The problem worsened in February after the federal government said methanol found in imported fuel exceeded Nigerian specifications. The development resulted in gasoline shortages and queues that reappeared in other major cities. Traffic jams appeared in most parts of Abuja as many service lanes were closed to traffic due to queues for gas stations. the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Limited (NNPC) it had said last month that it had started 24-hour operations at its depots and outlets to restore normal gasoline supply and distribution across the country. “To expedite distribution across the country, we have begun 24-hour operations at our warehouses and retail outlets,” NNPC said in a statement in February. To further reassure residents, the company on Monday listed 48 fuel stations that it said operated 24-hour service, where residents of FCT and surrounding areas can get fuel at any time. The seasons are: ==>AA Rano located in Area 3, Aviation Village, Citygate, Nyanya International Market, Jabi, Mpape/Maitama/Katampe and A. A Rano Oil located in Nyanya ==> ADROVA gas station located at Apo, Gwagwalada, IBB way, Life camp, Transcorp, Zone 1 and AFDIN gas station at Citygate and Katampe ==>AYM Shafa at Bwari-Dutse Road, Dawaki, Lugbe Airport Road, Katampe, Deidei Junction, CBN Karu, Rita Lori, Wuye and Austoma located at Banex Junction ==>Conoil gas station in front of NNPC Towers and Jabi, Danmarna at FHA Lugbe and Wuye, Enyo Arab road junction, Eterna at Banex junction, Wuse II junction and Eterna Dutse ==>Mainland located in Dutse, NIPCO Oil in Banex, Jabi and Wuse II, NNPC Mega Station Zone 1, OANDO located in Jabi, Zone 1 and Zone 4, Rain Oil Gwarimpa, Shema located in Katampe, Airport Road, Karu Nyanya road and finally the Total Filling station in front of NNPC Towers and near Police Headquarters PREMIUM TIMES visited most of these gas stations in Abuja on Tuesday and Wednesday, but noted that some did not operate 24 hours a day. Some were closed. The Austoma and Eterna fuel stations located at the Bannex junction were closed in the afternoon, while people around the station said the stations had been closed for weeks. “Austoma does not operate 24 hours, I have been repairing cars inside this station, they close at 7-8 pm,” said a mechanic at a car service center there. “They haven’t even had fuel here for over two weeks,” he said. A shop owner at the Eterna fuel station in Bannex, who declined to be named, said: “This is my shop, this station does not run 24 hours. I am very sure of what I am telling you because I sell here.” At the NIPCO fuel station located in Banex, an employee said: “Fuel shortage or not, we don’t sell 24 hours here, the highest we can stay is from 8 to 9 pm. “I won’t lie to you, we don’t sell 24 hours, no station is open until dawn.” The station manager, at OANDO, Zone 4 service station, who declined to give his name, said: “Normally we are running 24 hours, but they vandalized our transformer in the back, so our generator cannot run for so long that we close around 10 – 11 pm. So, in the meantime, we don’t work 24 hours a day.” In Total, near the police headquarters in Abuja, one of the station supervisors who also refused to give his name said: “If there is no fuel, we close at any time, but currently we do not operate 24 hours even if there is fuel. We only operate until 2 am. advertisements “The reason is that consumers use it to cause chaos and when there is a small problem they start fighting. I’m just telling you, we’re not fully operational 24 hours a day, he said. At one of the NNPC outlets in Zone 1, the station supervisor said, “When they see us close here, it means we want to unload because we can’t be selling and unloading at the same time. Sometimes we close at 2 or 3 am,” he added. NNPC spokesman Garbadeen Muhammed did not return calls or reply to a message seeking comment. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Fuel stations do not sell 24 hours as NNPC says