Gantuve is not behind my senatorial ambition, I will not give up Shekarau

A former senator from Kano Central, Basheer Garba, on Sunday refuted reports that he has given up his bid to run for the senatorial seat under the ruling. All Progressive Congress (APC) in the state following an order from the state governor Abdullahi Gantuve. Reports claim that Gantuve ordered the former senator to drop his ambition as a peace offer to a former state governor, Ibrahim Shekarau, who is also seeking to retain his Senate seat. Mr. Garba, also known as Basheer Lado, represented the Kano Central Senatorial District from 2011 to 2015. Mr. Shekarau is the current senator for the district. Lado said in a statement that he only informed Gantuve of his aspiration after he had already purchased the nomination form, adding that he has everything he needs to compete for the position. He said he would prefer democracy to take its course rather than be asked to step down from Shekarau as he was asked to do in 2019. “As a Muslim, I swear by the Holy Quran that His Excellency Governor Abdullahi Umar Gantuve did not direct me to run for the Senate seat for the Kano Central Senatorial District. The suggestion that I picked up my form because Gantuve told me to is totally false. “This narrative is false and obviously fabricated as a publicity stunt and an attempt to blackmail both Your Excellency and myself,” the former lawmaker said. He added, “I decided to participate of my own free will as a result of the yearnings of my supporters as a team and as a result of years of intense lobbying by the good people of Kano State and the Kano Central Senatorial District. “There is evidence that during my tenure as Senator between 2011-2015 I was able to execute 113 documented projects. One notable project is the N2.5B Naira Kundila Flyover Bridge, which the good people of Kano now affectionately call Gadar Lado (named after me). “So, it is my stellar performance as a Senator, coupled with the fact that the people of Kano State are looking for a dynamic and progressive Senator, that resulted in the wake-up call for me to run. “The good people of Kano are aware that I have the ability to bring impactful projects to Kano as I have done many times in the past in the various capacities in which I have served. “For example, I started more than 16 billion Naira, 174 km from Kano to Katsina Dualization Road Project, which unfortunately has been going at a snail’s speed for 7 years and the construction of 600 housing units in the local government of Dawakin Tofa, among many other health and wellness services. , education, sociology-economic interventions and legislative duties., he said” The former central senator from Kano said he was “dismayed that they do not appreciate the fact that I was persuaded to drop my ambition in 2019 to run for the Senate seat for His Excellency Malam Ibrahim Shekarau, who, by the way, had just joined the APC. . party, 7 days for the Primary Elections. “I graciously resigned for him in 2019 even though I had already purchased the nomination form and been promised an automatic ticket. That was a difficult and heartbreaking decision to accept, but I and my millions of supporters are bound based on my respect for my Governor, His Excellency Dr. Abdullahi Umar Gantuve and the good of our great party. “Neither I nor any of my supporters subsequently threatened to leave the party, nor did we provoke a public uproar or shower insults against the person of the Governor, his family or his Government. “So it is unfair, unjust and totally unreasonable that he should be expected to resign a second time only for Mallam Shekarau to be automatically fined again. Is this fair or democratic? I do not think so!” “The Kano Central Senate District is the largest Senate District in Nigeria with a population of over 10 million people. As such, their representation is critical and should not be the exclusive right of one person through the automatic ticket,” said Mr. Lado. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Gantuve is not behind my senatorial ambition, I will not give up Shekarau