Grid collapse: what we are doing to improve the energy supply

The federal government says it has upgraded power stations at Okpai, Odukpani and Alam VI as part of efforts to improve power supply in the country. The government said this on Saturday following the recent collapse of the national grid, which resulted in a blackout across the country. Energy Minister Abubakar Aliyu said the government has also ordered the Nigeria Bulk Electricity Trading Plc (NBET) to start negotiations with Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC) to establish the new Okpai 11 power station on the grid. The new power plant will add 400 megawatts of generating capacity, the minister said in a statement. He said the Presidential Energy Initiative has been put in place to mitigate the future occurrence of a grid failure. Many Nigerian cities were left in the dark last week after the collapse of the national grid. At a time of dire fuel crisis, the blackout left homes and businesses without power. Successive Nigerian governments have promised but failed to change the country’s power sector, which on average produces around 4,000 megawatts for a population of 200 million. Buhari’s administration has signed an agreement with Germany’s Siemens to reform the sector, but there is still little to show as the government has one year to complete its two eight-year terms. Aliyu said the recent outage and collapse of the national grid was related to poor maintenance and gas shortages. “The gas pipeline affected by acts of vandalism has been rehabilitated and the Okpai plant has resumed power generation and currently provides an average of 300MW,” he said. “Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading Plc has been directed to enter into accelerated negotiations with NAOC on an interim power sale agreement with a view to bringing the new Okpai Il power plant to the grid, thereby contributing an additional 400 MW of generating capacity. “. He said that the “pigging” of the gas pipeline that supplies gas to the Odukpani plant is expected to take place on March 21, and will increase generation by about 400 megawatts. ALSO READ: GenCos urges stakeholder roundtable to resolve erratic power supply “In order to optimize the capacity utilization of power plants owned by Niger Delta Power Holding Company Ltd (NDPHC), the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission has approved a special gas price for emergency gas contracting. the Nigerian Gas Marketing Company. Ltd. We expect an improvement in the network of approximately 800MW of generation capacity of the NDPHC plants”, he said. The government said it had agreed with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation’s (NGPIC, a subsidiary of NNPC) Gas and Power Investment Company Limited “in the framework for the overhaul of the Okoloma gas processing plant, thereby restoring full power capacity.” 650MW Alom VI combined cycle plant. plant”. “We want to assure all electricity consumers that all relevant agencies involved in restoring normality to the energy supply have been tasked with acting in the context of the industry state of emergency. The Federal Ministry of Energy will continue to regularly report to the nation on progress,” he said. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Grid collapse: what we are doing to improve the energy supply