How I battled depression after my husband married Judy

May, the actor’s first wife yul edochieon Tuesday she spoke about how she fell into depression when her husband married his colleague, Judy Austin. In April, the 40-year-old actor wowed his fans, colleagues, and social media after sharing photos of his baby and new wife on his Instagram page. The actor said that it was time for the world to meet his son, Star Dike Munachimso Yul Edochie, whom he loves as much as his other children. Almost immediately, the actor and politician said he married a second wife because he couldn’t let go of his colleague, Ms. Austin. In a clip posted on her Instagram, May said that despite her battle with depression, she chose to pick up the pieces of her “shattered world”. It is the first time the private businesswoman has openly addressed her husband’s decision to marry a second wife. She said: “Depression is precise, and there are different stages of depression. Rather than remain in depression, I decided to pick up the pieces of my beautiful world. Yes, Edochie and his first wife, May. “A wonderful World. An amazing world suddenly shattered. Which suddenly crashed. I decided to pick up the pieces and try to move on instead of staying in depression.” Depression He pointed out that it has not been easy, although he is happy and robust. “I’m glad I look happy and that I look strong to all of you. I’m glad I’m delighted. I’m so excited that I can go out and do things. ALSO READ: Yul Edochie’s second marriage, Madam Social’s passing, other top entertainment stories from last week “I’m even amazed and surprised by some things I do, but it’s all out of love. It is the support of my family. It is your support. You guys have been amazing. Love is massive. These are the things that have kept me going. Honestly speaking,” he added. Fundamental reason May, whom Yul married 18 years ago, also said, contrary to popular opinion, that she does not make money from her marital problems. A few days ago, she announced through her Instagram page that she had launched a YouTube page that would be “all about May Yul-Edochie.” This angered some of her fans and followers on social media, who hoped that she had already dropped her husband’s last name, Edochie. Fans suggested that he intended to drive sympathy and traffic to the page in order to get some income from the streaming platform. In reaction to the comments, in a video on Instagram, Ms. Edochie said that it was not true and that she does not wish what is happening to even her enemies. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; How I battled depression after my husband married Judy