How my love affair with Princess led me into a rape mess

Beleaguered Yoruba actor Olanrewaju Omiyinka, also known as Baba Ijesha, was called to the witness stand on Friday at the Special Crimes Court, Ikeja, Lagos, where he testified as a witness in his case. It was the first time that the actor, who has been in the eye of the storm, would be the only witness in an alleged rape case that has lasted since April 2021. The comedic actor revealed that actress and comedian Damilola Adekoya, popularly known as Princess, was his mistress during the hearing. The princess was absent from court. However, her lawyer, OB Akinde, was present. The 49-year-old actor has been embroiled in a dirty controversy of alleged rape with Princess’ adopted daughter. Baba Ijesha was arrested on April 22, 2021. He was later released on May 17, 2021 for health reasons. the genesis Baba Ijesha told the court that she first met Princess in 2014. Baba Ijesha said that their first meeting was through a phone call while anchoring his LTV and the Lagos Radio program, which was broadcast every Tuesday. He said the actress called during one of his shows and described herself as a die-hard fan. He said: “The princess called me and said: ‘aba Ijesha, I am a dying fan, even my family, we love you very much.” The actor also stated that Princess would call him later after the show around 8 p.m. “I want to join your caucus. Someone advised me to join the Yoruba comic film group. Alibaba is bad, Buchi is bad, and Stand Up Nigerian comedy is not good for me,” said Baba Ijesha while recounting his phone conversation with Princess. Baba Ijesha said that Princess requested the number from her producer and he agreed. He claimed that it marked the beginning of their friendship. He also mentioned that the first movie he presented with the actress Princesa promoted a relationship between the two actors. Romance In February 2014, Baba Ijesha said that her friendship with Princess turned into a romantic one in October 2014. “While we were on any shooting location, Princess would spend the night in my hotel room. I was having problems with my wife at the time. So Princess picked up my wife’s number to try and reconcile us. “I” hoped to hear from her, but all was in vain. Finally, after three weeks, she called me and said, “Baba Ijesha, where are you?” I ”said that she was in Lagos. She told me to come to Aguda. When I arrived at Princess’s house, she asked me to say hello to her mother. I prostrated myself and greeted her mother.” “Baba Ijesha further explained that he and Princess’s mother are namesakes even though she is affectionately called ‘Ma’a Larne.’ ‘The duo grew closer and their bond grew tighter. Baba Ijesha said that Princess’ encouraged him to take care of his daughter. “She said, take care of Princess. I know that she is a stubborn girl.” I replied that we were just friends and she asked me if I wanted to marry my enemy. “After her mother endorsed their friendship,” Baba Ijesha said that he and Princess became close. advertisements “Princess always sleeps in my room, and I touch her, she touches me, she kisses me, I kiss her, at that time we were dating.” said Baba Ijesha. “I promised to promote it. I can’t do anything to affect her career, and I can’t hurt a woman.” Baba Ijesha was overwhelmed with emotions and burst into tears at this point in court. He continued: “I traveled to see how my wife was doing, she left to study her masters in London, when I came back, Princess called me. She said she was sick and asked me to buy her some fruit. So she drove to her house. I saw her half naked. I told her that the fruit was in her car, so she sent the boy Bukumi to pick it up. Baba Ijesha also recounted the countless times Princess called him ‘her husband’ in public and lavished care and attention on him. Movie sketch or reality? Baba Ijesha said before April 19, 2021, that Princess sent him several WhatsApp messages inviting him to participate in her film production. He said: “She has been messaging me on WhatsApp since April 17, 2021. First, she sent a message on Whatsapp. She said, ‘Hello,’ do a production and I want you to play the supporting role.” The “actor said he was in Ogun state when he received the message but rushed to Lagos on April 19 for the production. Baba Ijesha claimed that Princess told her that the production was a Lagos State Rape Project, and that another actress, Iyabo Ojo, was involved in the production. The accused (Baba Ijesha) printed his Whatsapp message exchanges with the complainant (Princess) with his Samsung cell phone, which he gave to the court as evidence. Baba Ijesha asked Princess what role he would play in the project and she told him that he would play the role of a lover boy, unlike his previous film roles where he played an older man. Baba Ijesha said he was uncomfortable with the project because there was no script and it was going to be filmed at Princess’s house, but he asked her to do a short skit that didn’t require scripts so he could pitch it to the producers. He said he was asked to improvise. Baba Ijesha was still skeptical about the ‘movie’, ‘but Princess insisted they had already rehearsed. He said: “I asked her what we are going to do, she said we were going to rehearse. So he brought the young girl, Bukumi, and said that he could kiss her, suck her, and pretend to be acting out a child abuse scene.” “When I got home that day, I was met by 12 people, who I thought were team members, but when we wanted to start our rehearsal, Princess told them to go away.” “My lord, all the scenes you saw in that video were acting, and it was a parody,” he said. The parody that Baba Ijesha was referring to was CCTV footage, which Princess had submitted. During their hearing on February 17, one of the witnesses in the case claimed that Baba Ijesha and the minor were simply acting out a script. He said they began to act out the rape scene in a dark room that Princess recorded on a phone. To make the girl feel comfortable, Baba Ijesha said he asked the girl how old she was and if she had a boyfriend, her reply was, “I am an adult.” Meanwhile, according to the testimony of Baba Ijesha, the princess, before leaving the room, told the girl: “remember everything I told you, do it well”. Revelation Surprisingly for Baba Ijesha, while he was at the ‘performance’, Princess burst into the room with some children. “Suddenly, because the door was open, I saw about eight people enter the room. I thought it was still part of the performance. He started hitting the girl and all of a sudden the kids jumped on me and started hitting,” she said. “At first, I thought they were amateur actors, but I found out that we were no longer acting when the beating became severe. Blackmail Baba Ijesha said she realized it was a setup when Princess pulled out her phone and told her to confess to deflowering Bukumi seven years ago with her car keys. He said he got scared because the kids kept hitting him. Baba Ijesha said that as an actor, he was used to being on his feet for more than two hours, but after the trauma of the beating, he could barely stand in court while testifying, he was given a seat. Baba Ijesha said: “The princess brought a phone and said: ‘You know I love you, I agree that seven years ago, you left this girl a virgin. ” Baba Ijesha “helped Princess orchestrate the whole scene and arranged it with the police, who took him to jail. He emphasized that the entire video was mere acting. ALSO READ: Alleged rape: Baba Ijesha drops plans for performance with no case He told the court that his relationship with Princess soured because he refused to marry her. Response to charges Baba Ijesha was charged with six counts of sexual assault by penetration, indecent treatment of a child and sexual assault, which contravenes sections 259, 135 and 261 of the Lagos State Criminal Law 2011, as well as 135, 263 and 262 Lagos State Criminal Law 2015. In reaction to the charges brought against him, Baba Ijesha said he did not sexually abuse or sexually assault a minor. He noted that he was only acting in accordance with Princess’s directive. The case was adjourned until March 11, 2022. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; How my love affair with Princess led me into a rape mess