How the police killed my two children on the same day, a woman tells the #EndSARS panel

An elderly woman, Otomerhre Onaodowan, told the #EndSARS panel in Abuja on Monday how she allegedly lost two of her children to police brutality on the same day in August 2010. Ms Onaodowan said a team of police and soldiers arrested her two sons, Collins and Owen, while they were escaping from a football viewing center in the Okoloba area of ​​Effurun, Delta state, after it was invaded by a gang of armed robbers. The distraught woman said her sons were arrested on a false charge of armed robbery in retaliation for the shooting of a soldier at the observation center by the invading armed robbers. “My children were arrested and I was not allowed to see them. They only told me later that they had been killed,” Ms. Onaodowan said. The woman, who began speaking to the #EndSARS panel while standing, was then offered a seat so she could comfortably continue her testimony. Ms. Onaodowan said that she lost her husband six years after the incident. The petitioner, who traveled from her base in Effurun, Delta State, to testify before the #EndSARS panel in Abuja, said she filed her petition to seek justice for the deaths of her children. She said that her family had taken the case of her children’s murder to court, but it was dismissed for lack of evidence. How the police arrested my children Tracing the start of the incident on Monday, Ms Onaodowan said her two sons were watching a match between Manchester United and Newcastle United at a football viewing center in the Okoloba area of ​​Effurun, Delta state, on 16 August 2010, when a four-man gang of armed robbers invaded the place. “The thieves took items from those in the observation center and shot a soldier who tried to oppose them in the leg,” Ms. Onaodowan told the panel. “People started fleeing to a safe place,” he said, adding that his children were on their way home when soldiers from the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) substation near the scene, accompanied by a police officer, Andrew Enogieru , arrested them and claimed that they were the robbers who had shot his colleague in the leg. According to her, her children tried to identify themselves to the policeman nicknamed ‘Dogo’, being a familiar face for them. “My children said, brother Dogo, don’t you know us?” Mrs. Onaodowan said. He claimed that around 10 p.m., his eldest son received a call from a church member at the scene informing him that his younger brothers had been arrested. Hearing this, he said, they ran to the scene “where we saw that Collins and Owen Onaodowan had been stripped naked and assaulted by the soldiers and Mr. Enogieru.” He added: “All the pleas from the observers and relatives there fell on deaf ears from the soldiers and the police. “I was explaining to them that they are my sons and that one just got out of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) orientation camp while the other is about to enter college.” Death She said the soldiers eventually handed Collins and Owen over to the police, who took them to the Ekpan police station in their patrol van. “We followed the police van to the station, but the police at the gate said we couldn’t go in because it was late and we had to come back the next day,” Ms. Onaodowan said. Returning there the next day, Ms. Onaodowan said, they were told that Collins and Owen were no longer there. But he added that following the advice of people who claimed to have heard gunshots in the middle of the night, they returned to the Ekpan police station to see Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Mohammed Muazu, Chief Superintendent of Police, who told them that Collins and Owen had died the night before. The DPO, the woman said, ordered Mr. Enogieru and another police officer to bring her children’s case file, where she showed her husband, Stephen Onaodowan, and their eldest son a photograph of the bodies of Collins and Owen. . Ms. Onaodowan informed the panel that the family went to court after that, but their case was dismissed for lack of evidence. advertisements cross-examination During cross-examination, the police attorney, Malik Taiwo, asked Ms. Onaodowan why she did not submit the court’s ruling along with her petition to the panel. In response, Ms. Onaodowan said that she found no reason to submit her petition. Garba Tetengi, a senior lawyer from Nigeria, acting as chair of the panel, asked Ms. Onaodowan if she saw the bodies of her two sons. Mrs. Onaodowan replied in the negative, adding that the police told them that they had been buried. ALSO READ: UPDATED: Abuja #EndSARS panel awards N146 million compensation for police brutality Another member of the panel, John Aikpokpo-Martins, requested that the certified copy of the sentence and the corresponding documents be produced. Speaking to PREMIUM TIMES after Monday’s proceedings, the petitioner’s lawyer, Emuesiri Okoko, said that the photograph police showed the family showed the bodies of Collins and Owen, with two pistols with some cartridges placed in their chests. Postponement The panel adjourned the case until March 11 to continue the hearing and for the police to present their defense. The 11-member panel established by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), following weeks-long #EndSARS protests against police brutality that swept through many Nigerian cities in October 2020, to investigate cases of human rights violations committed by the defunct Special Anti-Sars Squad. Theft (SARS) and other police forces. units. The panel is expected to recommend compensation to victims of such rights violations and to recommend disciplinary action or even prosecution against police officers who have made mistakes in deserving circumstances. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; How the police killed my two children on the same day, a woman tells the #EndSARS panel