‘I am Nazzy’, falls below the benchmark

Movie Title: I’m Nazzy Duration: 1 hour 56 minutes Release date: April 1, 2022 Producer: Chinonso Arubayi Director: Kayode Peters Main cast: Chinonso Arubayi, Jidekene Achufusi, Jimmy Odukoya, Denrele Edun, IK Ogbonna, Ada Jesus, Jay Rammal, Chioma Nwosu and Nons Miraj Nollywood has gotten better in recent years, courtesy of cinema and social media. Although, not every job in Nollywood deserves a share on the big screen. Many times, theatrical films generate higher expectations due to the cinematic quality and top-notch plot and technicalities that make them highly anticipated. Sadly, some of these so-called theatrical films fall short on the story and are sometimes compared to low-budget Nollywood movies, which are described by many as “Asaba movies”. Movies like Omo ghetto the saga, Wedding party 1 and other top grossing movies in Nollywood have set a precedent for what to expect from theatrical movies. ‘I am Nazzy’ is Chinonso Arubayi’s first film as a producer. The film launches the fast-rising Nollywood actress into a whole new world of cinema, but it fails to hit the mark as an epic cinematic romantic comedy film. plots ‘I am Nazzy’ is the story of a female superstar, ‘Lady’, at the peak of her career, but unhappy with the celebrity life and all the scandals and expectations that come with it. Her boyfriend, Romeo, is a social media fanatic who focuses more on social media clicks and likes than his emotions. He is obsessed with his drive for attention and success. I’m Nazzy: Chinonso Arubayi and Jidekene Achufusi Frustrated by all this, she decided to visit a therapist and was advised to take a break from all the problems and expectations of celebrity life. But unfortunately, her manager wasn’t going to have any of that. Coincidentally, he meets his doppelganger, Chinaza aka Nazzy, an aspiring celebrity, in the bathroom. Although they are both surprised to see how much they look alike, it seems like a perfect opportunity for Lady to execute her plan to take a break. With the lady’s plea to change places, Nazzy is thrilled that she can live out her dreams. Quickly Chinaza, from a poor background and who had always wanted to find a place in the world of fame and wealth, welcomed the idea. Would Nazzy survive in a completely different world while pretending to be the celebrity Lady? Would Lady’s break with her reality affect their relationship and her career? Dual function Ramsey Nouah’s performance in Tade Ogidan’s 2004 “Dangerous Twins” and Funke Akindele’s 2021 “Omo ghetto” are classic Nollywood dual-role classics. A dual role occurs in a movie when an actor spontaneously plays more than two roles/characters, most often as a twin. In most movies employing the dual role technique, we’ve seen the characters embrace, making it seem so real that one would be tempted to believe the actor has a real twin. However, it was shocking that ‘Lady’ and ‘Naza’ were barely next to each other for the entire movie. high points ‘I am Nazzy’ is a film that teaches the reality of life. It tells the untold story of some ‘celebrities’. It teaches that all that glitters is not gold; the life you want could be your biggest nightmare. Also, unlike most Nigerian rom-coms, “I am Nazzy” steps out of the traditional mirror of what a rom-com should look like while also shedding light on a hot social issue that isn’t talked about enough; mental health. The cinematography is top notch, and the costumes are apt. The comic relief was up to the task as well, as comedian Buchi didn’t go overboard with his hilarious inserts. They were simply timely and had educational messages. Additionally, the role of IK Ogbonna, a stammering-loving village boy, produced another captivating comic relief. Fluff On the one hand, “I am Nazzy” started off on a high note as the opening scenes were captivating enough. The plot is not bad at all. It could captivate the audience from the beginning to the end of the movie to some extent. ALSO READ: Movie Review: How Femi Adebayo’s ‘King of Thieves’ sets a new standard for Yoruba movies Beyond the incredible story and cinematography, there is nothing left of the film. At one point, there was no coherence between the plot and what was being acted out. The filmmakers should accept the reality that the Nigerian public is smart and could tell the difference between ‘Lady’ and ‘Nazzy’ in just a few scenes of the film. While Lady was polished with her English and had a great dress sense and incredible charisma, Nazzy was the direct contrast. How was Nazzy’s mother not to know that she wasn’t living with her daughter with the difference in accent, dress, and character? The character of Romeo was a complete failure. Jidekene Achufusi, who played Romeo, doesn’t seem to have done enough with this one compared to his spectacular performance in ‘Living in Bondage’ and Kambili. Think of the plethora of talent available in this film, and one should expect them to be sub-par performers, saved for Buchi and Ada Jesus. The cast was good, but the actors did not put together a memorable performance. It’s easy to argue that the actors had little opportunity to show off their talents, especially since Denrele Edun and IK Ogbonna only made cameo appearances. The last scene was a complete failure. The disjointed storyline left viewers with several unanswered questions, such as what happened to Nazzy’s dreams of becoming an actress and who was the lead in the film, Nazzy or Lady? Classification 5/10 Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; ‘I am Nazzy’, falls below the benchmark