In court, APC challenger seeks party ticket, Oyebanji impeachment

A candidate for governor of the Congress of all progressives (APC) for the 2022 elections in Ekiti state, Kayode Ojo applied to a Federal High Court in Abuja to declare that he is the party’s legitimate candidate in the elections. Biodun Oyebanji was declared the winner of the June 18 gubernatorial election after defeating his main opponent and Social Democratic Party candidate Segun Oni. Since then he had received the Return Certificate as Governor-elect of Ekiti State. Mr. Oyebanji was elected as the party’s candidate in the January 27 primary in Ado Ekiti ahead of Mr. Ojo, who came second during the exercise. However, Ojo is in court to challenge the result of the primaries, saying that he was the party’s duly chosen candidate. In a lawsuit number FHC/ABJ/C5/15/2022, and filed by his attorney, Olaniyan Bolanle, Mr. Ojo challenged what he called “serious irregularities” during the APC party’s gubernatorial primary election. Joining the demand are APC, Ekiti, Biodun Oyebanji, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), and all the presidents of the local government electoral/counting committees, who are known supporters of the second accused, but were formed to carry out the primary. In his sentences, Mr. Ojo questioned the party’s decision to conduct the primary elections with the use of political appointees from the state executive as election committee/counters. He said that it constituted an irregularity and a fundamental breach of the party guidelines that regulate the holding of said party primaries, the Electoral Law. He also begged the court to set aside the party’s gubernatorial primary held on January 27 for constitutional infraction and flagrant violation of the guidelines and the 1999 constitution and order a new primary by the party. Another sentence of the plaintiff is the cancellation of the irregularly and fraudulently recorded votes for Mr. Oyebanji during the primaries due to the governor-elect’s failure to comply with the provisions of the APC constitution and guidelines governing the conduct of the primaries. of the party. He urged the court to declare him (Kayode Ojo) the winner of the primary as the candidate with the next highest number of declared votes. The plaintiff also sought an injunction preventing INEC from recognizing Mr. Oyebanji as the party’s gubernatorial candidate in the 2022 Ekiti State Governor election and restricting him or any other person, authority or government as APC candidate for Ekiti state. gubernatorial elections held in June 2022. However, the case was transferred to a federal high court in Ado-Ekiti before Judge Babs Kuewunmi. As the lead attorney, Alex Izinyon, presented evidence on Friday, the plaintiff along with another witness gave their testimony and were cross-examined by the defense. ALSO READ: Ekiti choice: Buni, Oyebanji evading serve, trying to thwart petition – Oni Although he had closed his case, the process suffered from a problem as the defense was unable to open his case due to lack of preparation. The defense lawyer, Kareem Akingbolu, requested an extension of the deadline to present his defence. Izinyon told the court that he opposed the defense’s request for an extension. He argued that since the court order to publish the summons was executed on March 21, the defense had to present its response within the 30 days that expired on April 21. Mr. Izinyon requested permission from the court to formally respond to the defense’s request for an extension of time. The case was then adjourned until July 25 for the continuation of the trial. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; In court, APC challenger seeks party ticket, Oyebanji impeachment