INTERVIEW: 2013: What we need to do to fix Nigeria

many may know animated emcees like that comedian who dresses as ‘Black and White’ in most of his comedy videos. He always carries a black bag slung over his shoulder, moving from street to street and lamenting the state of the nation. But there is more about this comedian that makes him stand out. Born as Micheal Sani, but popularly known as MC Lively or Barrister Mike, he is a Nigerian Instagram comedian, actor, and event host/MC. He is also a barrister by training, Solicitor and Solicitor of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, of ‘Great Ife’, the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo UniversityOUA, Ile-Ife, Osun State. MC Lively was called to the bar in 2016 but chose to be on camera. He tackles social issues and gets angry at injustice. People do similar things, but the parodies of him stand out. Mc lively created an Instagram account in 2015 and today has more than 1.4 million followers. In an interview with PREMIUM TIMES, the 29-year-old comedian talks about his career and the state of the nation. Extracts: PT: You are a trained lawyer by profession. What drew you to comedy? MC Lively: I had always liked comedy growing up. The comedy was beautiful to me, the fact that you could connect with people from different tribes, regardless of their financial status. The mere fact that laughter can bring people together was what I found so amazing, which is why I’ve always been interested in doing what can make people laugh. However, it is the law that was not part of my plan. It wasn’t until we were writing JAMB that I chose right. Micheal Sani, popularly known as MC Lively or Barrister Mike PT: Why right? MC Lively: I wanted to be among the top students, the prestigious ones. That’s why I chose law. PT: How did your parents react to your career choice? MC Lively: My dad has always been an open-minded person. He was calm when he found out that I chose comedy instead of law. He always mentioned that whenever we were done with our college education, we could go ahead and pursue any career we wanted. I come from a family of five, and we all went to Obafemi Awolowo University. We all studied different things, Pharmacy, Law, and Wealth Management, and none of us are currently working on our degrees. PT: What has been your biggest challenge? MC Lively: The biggest challenge I had was to keep putting out content that people could relate to. People get tired of something in particular quickly, so it becomes a task for me to release something different that is relatable and matches the contemporary problems of the country. Creating content that stands the test of time is not easy. Micheal Sani, popularly known as MC Lively or Barrister Mike PT: People say that some skit creators are not good movie actors? MC Lively: There’s nothing wrong with trying. Did we know we were good sketch creators? When we carried our phones and started doing skits, we didn’t know we’d get this far, but we keep trying and getting better, that’s what art and entertainment is all about. People like to make comparisons, and it’s a big deal. You have seen that many of us have made films. Although we started with skits, some have ventured into stand-up comedy, and not every skit creator needs to be able to do stand-up comedy or movies. PT: When did you start doing comedy sketches? MC Lively: I started doing prank skits in 2015 before I went to the mandatory one-year law course at Bayelsa, but it wasn’t consistent. Then, when I got back from law school, I went for another year of compulsory National Youth Service. So I started doing skits full of names in 2017. PT: Was there any criticism? advertisements MC Lively: I had always received criticism before I became a comedian. Since I was an MC, I went to OAU, where jokes are like bread and butter. So the criticism I’ve received is a lot, but I don’t always receive criticism. I think I have developed a tough skin. If you can criticize Davido, who am I if you can criticize Ronaldo? PT: When did you experience a break in your career? MC Lively: I started seeing dividends along the way as early as 2017, after one of my comedy skits went viral in September 2017, then the following years to this point. PT: What inspires your content? MC Lively: My life experiences drive my content, a lot of personal daily life experiences inspire my content, and again I also have a team of content writers. I share my ideas with them and they share theirs. As they say, teamwork makes the dream work. PT: There is no doubt that comedy skits speak volumes about the minds and experiences of Nigerian youth. What do you think is the position of young people as the elections approach? MC Lively: Most Nigerians are not interested in Nigerian politics and elections as almost all the young people are traveling, almost all the young people are fleeing and they don’t want to stay in Nigeria anymore. PT: Why are young Nigerians leaving the country en masse? MC Lively: Can you blame us? I have always been an advocate for a great Nigerian. But unfortunately, the situation in the country is not encouraging. I hope things can change. PT: How can we fix Nigeria? MC Lively: Beyond the elections, we need to change people’s minds. We do not understand that the leaders are the reflection of the people. What they genuinely reflect on is the kind of leaders they produce. If people are highly accountable, leaders will be accountable. Micheal Sani, popularly known as MC Lively or Barrister Mike PT: Do you think leaving the country is the solution to our problems? MC Lively: There’s no way leaving the country is better. Is it not in this war between Russia and Ukraine that we see that many Africans were not allowed to cross the border? Beyond that, there is still the issue of racism, and that is why we have to make Nigeria a better place, there is no place like home, but people don’t care about this. They want to leave. PT: Many people advocate for a young president. Would that solve our problems? MC Lively: It’s not possible. Who are the young? That a young man be president is not even the solution. The solution is far from that. Of course, it would be nice if a younger person became president, but it is not the solution to the problem. Nigeria’s problems are not a function of a young man being president. PT: In a world of skills, talents and titles, what would be your advice for young Nigerians to explore? MC Lively: For me, I think at this point, people should go to his talent. They must invest their talents. Nigerians should invest their time, money and resources and try to gain experience because, in truth, what school teaches us the most is how to communicate with other people, share experiences and grow as people. School doesn’t teach us how to earn money, and school doesn’t teach us how to maintain relationships, we learn these things ourselves. I would advise that if someone has a talent, they should take advantage of it. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; INTERVIEW: 2013: What we need to do to fix Nigeria