Kano residents protest at the INEC office as registered voters reach 6 million

Many would-be voters packed the state’s headquarters for the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in Kano protesting their inability to register for the Continuous Voter Registration (CVR) in progress. This was announced by the INEC, the exercise will end on July 31. Some of the protesters who spoke to PREMIUM TIMES on Monday said they were denied access to the INEC office even when they arrived early to register. But the Election Commission has responded that its offices in all 44 local government areas of the state are open for continued voter registration and are doing their best to register everyone. The protesters feared that they would not be able to vote in the 2023 elections, since the INEC announced July 31 as the deadline for the exercise. complaints One resident, Ikechukwu Eze, lamented that despite the days he spent coming to the INEC office, he was unable to register as a voter. “They (the government) said that we must come to register, we left and several times I came to the INEC but I still cannot register. I pray that INEC will do something to help us get registered,” Mr. Eze said. One protester, Muhammad Isah, from the Ungogo Local Government Area, said that the INEC cannot close its main gate at 7:00 am and leave people stranded outside because many of them come from afar to register. He said: “We spent our money to transport ourselves to the INEC office to exercise our right because your vote is your right, the INEC should do something and correct the anomaly. “We came to the INEC central office to register because the one computer sent to my political district is not enough for us,” Isah added. “I come from Zango district in Ungogo, my district is the most populous in the council area and only one computer was sent for voter registration. “We left our businesses and ran to the INEC headquarters because a computer is not enough for us; while we are here, the INEC should have considered us because they asked us to come to register, we came but they are mistreating us”, lamented Mr. Isah. Another protester, Safiya Aliyu, from the Nasarawa local government area, said she left her brothers at home to register but was unable to do so. “As of Monday morning, I came to the INEC head office three times, but I still couldn’t register, I need to register to satisfy my conscience and satisfy my interest,” said Ms. Aliyu. Zulaihat Adam said: “They prohibited us from entering the INEC office to register with the CVR. We leave our loved ones at home early in the morning. Finally we are abandoned at the gate. “They denied us access to the compound. If the Women did not come out through the CVR, they will say that the women do not cooperate and are patriotic, now that we are here, they throw us away like garbage,” said Mrs. Adam. INEC responds Meanwhile, INEC spokesman in Kano, Adam Maulud, acknowledged the massive turnout of residents for continued voter registration. However, he said the commission is doing what is necessary to get people to register. “Yes, there are many people at the gate of the INEC head office in Kano, so also at the local government level, people are gathering to register and INEC has added the extension of time for people to register” Maulud said. He said the INEC is in the last week of the continuous voter registration extension, which prompted people to come in droves to register. “Before this deadline, people were reluctant to come and register, we register only one to three people per day,” the official said. “The commission has included in the last two weeks Saturday and Sunday as business days for the Continuous Registration of Voters to satisfy the people,” the spokesman added. ALSO READ: Around seven million registered voters so far in Lagos – INEC “Now people come to the INEC office from 3:00 am to register their presence in a queue because the exercise is about to end, however, the INEC is doing well with the registration. “All INEC offices and registration centers are open at 9:00 am in the 44 local government areas and even if someone arrives early in the morning, they cannot enter the office premises until official business hours. Maulud said. Registered Voters Meanwhile, the INEC spokesman in Kano said the state currently has about six million registered voters. He said completed registrations in Kano reached 458,559 as of July 18. Maulud said that if the number of new registrants so far in the ongoing Continuous Voter Registration (CVR) is added to the state’s previously registered voters, the number will be about six million. Previous registered voters in the state before the CVR were 5,457,747. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Kano residents protest at the INEC office as registered voters reach 6 million