Labor Party launches awareness campaign for members in Lagos

the Labor Party (LP) Thursday kicked off the voter awareness campaign, support groups and membership in Lagos state. The awareness raising, he said, was to galvanize more supporters and members of the party’s presidential candidate Peter Obi and other candidates ahead of the 2023 general election. The party’s national deputy chairman, Bashiru Apapa, in an interactive session in Lagos with various support groups and leaders, called for synergy and unity to deliver the state to Mr. Obi and all LP candidates in 2023. Apapa said that the coordination of all the groups that support Obi’s presidential ambition was necessary to achieve the objectives of enthroning him. “When Obi became the LP’s presidential candidate, we were deliberating how to harmonize the support groups with the party executives. “And we thought it would be wise to have synergy and work together across the country so that we’re not working against each other. Bashiru Apapa, the national vice president of LP, addressed several Peter Obi support groups in Lagos on Thursday. “For this reason, today’s meeting is important to get to know each other and draw up strategies to achieve our goals. “We need to know what we intend to do to make the dream of enthroning Peter Obi as Nigeria’s next president a reality, and why we all need to do everything we can to make sure that purpose is achieved,” said Mr. Apapa. According to him, there are many support groups for Mr. Obi, hence the need for proper coordination. “2023 is very close, we must start and mobilize. We have to increase our pace. It is our collective responsibility. We must not lose our focus on this project,” he added. LP’s national legal adviser, Akingbade Oyelegan, added that the meeting was also to intimidate his many supporters of LP’s ideology. “There is a rise in the party and some of these many supporters don’t know the ideology of the LP and what we stand for. Our ideology is based on Equal Opportunities and Social Justice for all. “The problem that we have before now is the fact that some of the support groups don’t want to align with the Coalition for Peter Obi,” Oyelegan said. He stressed the need for everyone to be on the same page so as not to lead to corruption. Noting that the task of getting Obi to Aso Rock remained a herculean one, Oyelegan said that the party and its support groups were up to the task, however. “We are prepared to fight for power, but we know that it will not be easy. We want to unite so we can fight the battle. We have over 100 support groups and we are still waiting for more,” he said. Also speaking was Adeyinka Adetokunbo-Azubuike, Area Director, Peter Obi Mobilization and Logistics Coalition (Southwest), noting that there were 41 support groups for Mr. Obi in the area, she said that all the groups needed each other to have success. “This is a harmonization and awareness movement about the Permanent Voter Card (PVC). The Coalition for Peter Obi is a body that houses all the support groups campaigning for Obi. We are 100% sure that Peter Obi will win.” Augustina Ogene, Lagos State Coordinator, Like-Minds for Peter Obi (LMPO), who described the meeting as a milestone, said synergy was needed to make the dream of enthroning Mr. Obi as Nigeria’s next president a reality. . Noting that Mr Obi’s chances were bright in 2023, Ms Ogene said support groups have structures in the local government areas of Lagos state and the country. The Nigerian News Agency (NAN) reports that the event was attended by several support groups for Mr. Obi, including members of the Nigerian Labor Congress, NCFront, and party leaders, among others. (YAYA) Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Labor Party launches awareness campaign for members in Lagos