Lamido, ‘cohorts’ responsible for the defeat of the PDP in 2015

Rivers State Governor, Wike Nyesomhas accused former Jigawa State Governor Sule Lamido and his “cohorts” of “playing an ignoble role” in the defeat of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2015 general election. “In all modesty, only people affected by schizophrenia psychosis will attach any kind of relevance to Mr. Lamido, under whose leadership the PDP sadly lost two gubernatorial elections in Jigawa state in quick succession.” Kelvin Ebiri, Gov. Wike’s media aide, made this claim in a statement Wednesday in Port Harcourt. The statement was in response to Mr. Lamido’s comments about TV channels where he said that the Governor of Rivers was acting like an emperor as if the people of the Rivers State followed his order as if they were slaves. Mr. Lamido, an ally of PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar, while appearing on Channels TV, said that Mr. Wike does not have a monopoly or control over the political choices of the people of Rivers, adding that the governor is will become a liability after his term expires. in May of next year. Lamido spoke about the deepening crisis in the PDP, Nigeria’s main opposition party, and the dispute between Governor Wike and Atiku. Wike and Atiku have been at loggerheads after presidential primaries in which the former vice president defeated Governor Rivers. The dispute deepened further after Atiku ignored the PDP committee’s recommendation of Wike as the party’s vice-presidential candidate. Wike described Lamido’s comments as “disdainful”. Ebiri described Wike as the pillar of the PDP since 2015, adding that anyone who underestimates Wike’s political pedigree or ignores his influence in the state does so at their own risk. In justifying Wike’s dominance of Rivers’ politics and the PDP’s control of the state, Ebiri said Wike won the 2015 and 2019 Rivers State gubernatorial elections with landslide victories, while Lamido “couldn’t boast the same record in your state. ”. “Under Lamido’s watch, as governor of Jigawa state in 2015, APC gubernatorial candidate Mohammed Abubakar garnered a total of 648,045 votes to defeat his PDP opponent Malam Ringim who garnered a total of 479. 447 votes. Worse still, in 2019, Governor Abubakar got 810,933 votes, while the PDP candidate got 288,356. “Such records show that Mr. Lamido cannot and does not have political supporters who benefit the PDP. Those who want an electoral victory for the PDP are not dampening the morale needed for a political offensive in APC, but Lamido is breaking down the wall of unity. “So, as the 2023 general election approaches, we wish to advise Mr Lamido to redeem his battered political image by handing over Jigawa state to the PDP, if he can,” he said. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Lamido, ‘cohorts’ responsible for the defeat of the PDP in 2015