Nigeria has less than 50 registered analytical laboratories – Official

A group of public laboratory analysts under the umbrella of the Society of Testing Laboratory Analysts of Nigeria (SoTLAN) has said that there are fewer than 50 registered analytical laboratories for the food, pharmaceutical, environmental and oil industries. The group’s chairman, Olugbenga Ogunmoyela, who revealed this over the weekend during a briefing ahead of the society’s next annual conference in 2022, sought intervention from both the government and private investors. “Foreign-owned labs are dominating because Nigerian-owned labs lack capacity and are struggling with infrastructure challenges and the ever-increasing cost of imported equipment and reagents. “For laboratories to be globally competitive, they need to be ISO certified, but many are not,” said Mr. Ogunmoyela. Mr. Ogunmoyela added that while Nigeria has “few excellent local specialized analytical laboratories, many of them lack capacity and face infrastructure challenges.” He said the challenges have made it difficult for experts to undertake effective planning and competition. He said: “The fact that Nigeria and other African countries suffer rejection and humiliation of the product in the international market is due to this unique factor. The amount of money the nation loses annually from product rejections and capital flight by those organizations and individuals who outsource the testing of their products outside the country amounts to billions of dollars annually. “To this is added the unpleasant saga of importing adulterated petroleum products into the country, as was seen recently. “All this contributes to the unnecessary and preventable loss of income of the country. An immediate solution is for the federal government to dialogue with society on how to build the capacity of local labs and staff in line with global best practices. This is a cheaper, faster, easier and more comprehensive solution for the government to adopt.” About the conference According to the president, this year’s conference, which is scheduled to take place in Lagos between June 14 and 16, has as its theme; “Capacity Building for Global Competitiveness of Testing Laboratories”. He said that Nigerian university students would also have the opportunity to discuss the issue; “Testing labs are important to improve the quality of life in Nigeria.” He said that the conference will also feature a laboratory fair and an exhibition of more than 20 companies that are engaged in the sale of laboratory equipment and the provision of various types of laboratory support services. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Nigeria has less than 50 registered analytical laboratories – Official