Nigerian consumer agency orders Multichoice to allow subscription suspension

Nigerian Consumer Protection Agency has ordered the satellite television company, Multichoice, which owns DSTV, to introduce news features in its offers to customers, including the possibility for subscribers to maintain a subscription fee for at least one year. Customers must also be allowed the option to suspend their subscription at least four times a year, and Multichoice must also introduce free lines for customers on all networks, the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) said. The directives are the latest attempt by the Nigerian government to rein in the South African company, often accused of anti-competitive behavior and exploitation of customers. The FCCPC said it launched an investigation into the firm’s practices in 2020 after a series of allegations of abuse of its dominant position. He ordered the company to introduce reforms or face sanctions. The FCCPC ordered the company to: 1. Introduce a fixed price option that allows subscribers to maintain the same subscription rate for a minimum period of one year subject to a contractual agreement that clearly specifies the applicable terms and conditions. 2. Increase the number of times all subscribers can unsubscribe to at least four (4) times per year. ALSO READ: Multichoice launches new channel on DSTV 3. Carry out clear communication to each subscriber on all available channels within their selected branch option. 4. Provide completely toll-free customer service lines that are operational 24 hours a day and through which consumers can receive assistance regarding the use of the services offered by MultiChoice Nigeria. These lines should be free between networks, not just within the same networks as is currently the case. 5. Advertise the existing toll-free customer service lines more frequently and widely on the available channels and under the control of MultiChoice on the DSTV and GOTV platforms. Such announcements must be posted on each channel at least daily. The agency warned that a violation of its order attracts a fine/penalty of N5 million. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Nigerian consumer agency orders Multichoice to allow subscription suspension