Obi Emelonye’s action comedy ‘Money Miss Road’ screens in Lagos

On Tuesday, nollywood the stars and the media joined Blue Pictures to screen ‘Money Miss Road’, their exciting new production. The exclusive event was held at the Blue Pictures Cinema Onikan, Lagos, and was attended by the film’s cast: Jidekene Achufusi, Charly Boy Oputa; producer Joy Odiete, CEO of Blue Pictures, as well as film executives and investors. Impressively, the film received a standing ovation and rave reviews from attendees about the quality of the production. MMR The unanimous applause ended with an interactive session with the press led by Mrs. Odiete and Achufusi. Directed by multi-award-winning British filmmaker Obi Emelonye, ​​the action-comedy hits theaters this Friday. Starring Jidekene Achufusi (Living In Bondage), comedian Josh’ Josh2Funny’ Alfred and veteran entertainer Charly Boy, Money Miss Road, the Emelonye-directed film follows two down-on-his-luck friends, Josiah and Joseph. Charly Boy in the bar scene MMR Storyline When Josiah’s wife, Lucy (Oma Iyasara), arrives unannounced and with their three daughters, Joseph (Achufusi) checks into a local hotel. But, a mix-up leads him to a room belonging to Diokpa (Charley Boy), a local criminal lord. What Joseph finds in Diokpa’s room changes his life and that of his friend Josiah (Josh2Funny), sparking a game of cat and mouse in which Diokpa tracks the two Joes to Lagos, where they have become the Biggest kids in town. Melvin Oduah on the set of MMR With Money Miss Road, Mr. Emelonye says he is exploring high-demand action comedy fused with his classic storytelling style that has earned him multiple local and international awards. Speaking about the message behind the story, Ms. Odiete described the film as an action-comedy film, a combination that she says is rarely seen in Nigerian theaters as seen in box office track record and history. She said: “’Money Miss Road’ is a buffet served up with plenty for everyone to munch on, seeing all that has been going on in the country today. The film highlights the vices that Nigerians hope to see change. We see people finding themselves with money they never thought they could have.” Explaining the technical depth of the film, Mr. Emelonye said that the film was shot on an Arri Alexa mini using high-quality prime lenses. At the same time, the Director of Photography was Biola Oke. Obi Emelonye Director MMR “Since most of the action in the film takes place at night, we wanted to use that to create a dark cinematic environment in the film, even though the subject matter is light and comedic. It played on the suspenseful elements of the film and the tight, tense pacing of the chase scenes. “I wanted to make a more physical action comedy instead of the sound drama we’re used to. If you liked movies like ‘Rush Hour’ and ‘Bad Boys,’ then you’re going to love Money Miss Road,” he said. ‘Money Miss Road’ was filmed in Abuja and Lagos. The film is executive produced by Odinaka Emmanuel Offia with Radisson Blu Anchorage VI Lagos as partners. STYLISH JKA Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Obi Emelonye’s action comedy ‘Money Miss Road’ screens in Lagos