Ogun workers threaten to strike over unpaid pensions and deductions

Organized workers in Ogun have threatened a full-fledged strike to start on June 27, after the state government failed to accede to their demands. Nigerian Labor Congress State President Emmanuel Bankole made this known while interacting with members of the Nigerian Labor Writers Association at a workshop in Abeokuta on Sunday. Bankole said the final decision in the workers’ parliament, due on June 27, would determine the scope of the planned strike. ”Where we are today is that the workers have been pushed against the wall; there are procedures when we want to go on strike and we have taken the trouble to go through all that. ”We have gone beyond promises: that is where we are now,” he said. According to him, some of the demands include the remission of 21 months of salary deductions; implementation of the Contributory Pension Regime. Others were the payment of eight years of vacations; restoration of the payment of the gross salary and the implementation of the Consequent Adjustment in the Minimum Pension. “On the issue of pensioners, regulated by the constitution of the Federal Republic, whenever there is a salary review, it is assumed that the minimum pension is also reviewed, but as we speak, that has not been done. ”As we speak, some of those retirees receive a pension as low as N5,000; you can imagine in that old age, even their medicines they buy monthly, some of those medicines cost more than N5,000. ”We also have accumulated gratuity; we hired the government and they started paying 500 million naira every quarter which is grossly inadequate considering how many people have to pay. “So we’re saying that the government needs to look up that quarterly payment, increase it so that a good number of people can receive this money while they’re still alive,” Bankole said. (YAYA) Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Ogun workers threaten to strike over unpaid pensions and deductions