Police graduate six doctors, another 169 as spies

The Ikeja Police Training School (PTS) on Monday graduated six doctors and 169 others, from different professions, into various ranks of the Nigerian Police Force as supernumeraries (spies). Deputy Commissioner of Police and Commander, PTS Ikeja, Musa Garba, said at the 2022 graduation for spy cops, 175 supernumeraries were promoted to various ranks, having completed their advanced course. The Nigerian News Agency (NAN) reports that the supernumeraries were promoted to the ranks of Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP), Superintendent of Police (SP), Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) and Inspectors. The six doctors promoted to the CSP cadre are Peter Akhideno, Elvis Otobo, Kehinde Oduns, Glory Raphael, Goodluck Enimakpokpo and Adaramewa Olusuyi. Mr. Garba said that the promotion of the officers was based on merit, as the supernumeraries had received training that would help them to carry out their duties with diligence. He pointed out that the new rank achieved by the officers implied greater responsibilities for themselves, for their organizations, for their communities, for the police force and for society in general. “Their actions and statements from now on must be well guided by the Law of the Police Force, since they must exhibit high moral standards and the ethical discipline that they have received during their training here,” he warned. According to him, any of the supernumeraries who engage or engage in any criminal activity will face disciplinary action in accordance with the Police Act. Mr. Garba instructed the graduating supernumeraries to report to the nearest police stations to familiarize themselves with the officers in charge there. He explained that this would help them build an understanding between themselves, other spies, and regular police officers. He thanked the Inspector General of Police for his support of the PTS, which has culminated in the growth and development of the school. “I thank you all for taking the time to learn how the police work with the intention of helping them carry out their duties,” he said. Speaking to NAN, PTS director Kabiru Momoh said that the only difference between regular and supernumerary police officers is that the latter are not allowed to carry weapons. Momoh said spies were usually enrolled in the PTS by organizations or agencies to be trained as professional officers of the Nigerian Police Force and used when there is a shortage of regular police personnel. “Many of them work in government agencies, multinationals, and organizations such as escorts, internal security officers, intelligence officers, and financial officers, to detect fraud, corruption, threats, and irregularities in their financial or day-to-day operations,” he said. Responding on behalf of other graduating officers, Samuel Ajiboyede thanked the PTS commander for his humility, leadership style, and commitment to the ideals of the school. Mr. Ajiboyede promised on behalf of his colleagues that the graduate spies would be good ambassadors for the PTS and continue to support the police in various capacities to carry out their duties effectively. READ ALSO: Police amounts to 21,000 subordinates Also speaking to NAN, one of the doctors, Mr. Enimakpokpo, said that the increased level of insecurity had made security become everyone’s business, therefore; his registration in the PTS. Mr. Enimakpokpo, also Head of Sales, General Electrics, Nigeria/Anglophone countries, stated that they started with a three-month basic course and continued with a five-week refresher course before graduation. He explained that they were trained in professional surveillance, law enforcement, arrest, terrorism, and about 70 percent of what regular police do. He added that his perception of regular Nigerian police officers has changed for the better since the training. “Contrary to our perception, policing is a disciplined, responsible human relations profession and, indeed, our friend, as it is proclaimed. “I recommend that Nigerians take this training at the PTS so that they can understand police operations and help them show their good deeds abroad,” said Mr. Enimakpokpo. (YAYA) Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Police graduate six doctors, another 169 as spies