Representatives summon the minister for refusing to defend the amended Appropriation Act of 2022

The House Foreign Affairs Committee has cited Foreign Secretary Geoffrey Onyema for failing to defend the proposed amendment to the 2022 Appropriations Act Buba Yakubu, chairman of the committee, summoned the minister on Wednesday in Abuja during the committee meeting. He said the minister was invited to appear before the committee to explain why the ministry was requesting an amended budget for the ministry in the proposed amendment to the Appropriation Bill that was sent to the House by President Muhammadu Buhari. He warned the minister for not appearing before the committee to defend his previous budget, adding that this would no longer be tolerated. “Although he did not appear to defend his previous budget, the commission had let it pass,” said the legislator. “It is up to the minister to provide detailed explanations about his demand for modification of the 2022 allocation as it affects the Ministry.” Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama. [PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter page of the Ministry]This, according to him, is due to the fact that the committee discovered in its scrutiny of the budget that the funds were allocated to mission buildings and staff accommodation. He added that where those embassies had adequate provisions and school fees, adding that supplements were provided where schools were free in public schools in the English-speaking host countries. At this point, it is necessary to clearly state that all funds the Committee reallocated from Captions as rents and School Fees/Educational Supplements in the Appropriations Act of 2022 became necessary. “This is because the Committee found that office and residential accommodation exists in places like Accra, Ghana and other Missions where these funds had been allocated,” he said. He said: “it was illegal for the Ministry or any other person to transfer and spend funds from one subtitle to another subtitle without virement or corrigendum.” (YAYA) Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Representatives summon the minister for refusing to defend the amended Appropriation Act of 2022