Rice vendors worry about rising prices in Lagos

Rice vendors worry about rising prices in Lagos: Some rice vendors in Lagos state have raised concerns about the rising cost of the product, with many attributing this to inadequate supply. The traders spoke in an interview with the Nigerian News Agency (NAN) on Wednesday in Lagos. Ms. Oluwasikemi Ohundayo, a trader at Igando Market, said that the rice import ban, although aimed at developing local rice production, was hitting Nigerians hard. “The road is not clear again because of the border closure, and I think the government did it to develop our own rice production capacity, but we don’t have enough farmers. “Many people look for administrative jobs; even those who studied agriculture in schools are not prepared to be farmers,” she said. He expressed his optimism that local rice production would increase and the cost of the product would decrease. Ms. Funmi Akinnawo, who sells rice in the Isheri area of ​​the state, also told NAN that the rice import ban was still affecting the availability of the product. “Many people continue to buy foreign rice; they don’t really believe in Nigerian rice, there are complaints that no matter how they clean it, there are still stones,” she said. The trader urged the federal government to ensure the improvement of the quality of Nigerian rice, as well as to ensure increased cultivation and supply. A food product trader in Iyana-Ipaja, Mr. Bello Garuba, told NAN, “A bag of local short-grain rice sells for N23,000, foreign short-grain rice, N32,000 or N33,000. , while foreign long grain rice is sold for N28,000 per bag. “We have a lot of Nigerian companies producing rice now, but the price hasn’t gone down,” Garuba said. Mr. John Nwabueze, a resident of Alimosho in Lagos State, also pointed out that many Nigerians preferred foreign rice to local rice. He noted that although foreign rice was banned, it was still being smuggled into the country and many Nigerians bought it despite the cost. According to him, the foreign short-grain rice preferred by many people is now in short supply. “The high demand for foreign short-grain rice has caused the price to rise,” Nwabueze said. NAN investigations reveal that a 50kg bag of local rice sells for between N24,000 and N25,000, a 50kg bag of foreign short grain rice sells for between N32,000 and N36,000. Long grain foreign rice is sold at N28,000 per 50 kg bag. In December 2021, short-grain foreign rice was sold for N24,000 and long-grain between N26,000 and N27,000; while local rice was sold for N23,000. Read More Related News Here Do you have an opinion about this; Rice vendors worry about rising prices in Lagos | Newslodge Nigeria News Let’s hear it in the comment below