Sanwo-Olu launches 1,000 Lagos Ride taxis ‘powered by technology’

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu unveiled 1,000 technology-powered GAC-brand cars, codenamed “LAG RIDE,” on Wednesday. Mr. Sanwo-Olu said during the launch ceremony held at Lagos House Ikeja that “LAG RIDE” was a ride-hailing taxi initiative, operated on a hire-purchase basis. The initiative is a partnership between Lagos State-owned IBILE Holding Ltd. and CIG Motors Company with the aim of providing a clean and reliable means of moving taxis in the metropolis at an affordable cost. Operators are required to pay about N1.9 million in advance, of which the sum covers 20 percent of the cost of the vehicle, registration and insurance. Every car used in the scheme comes with technology-enabled safety features that monitor every trip made. He said that the state has taken another step in its drive to develop an efficient transportation model in tune with modernity and comfort. The governor said the goal was not to put existing passenger transport operators out of business, but to offer a safer alternative and clear roads of dilapidated cars used for the taxi business. He said the scheme would provide opportunities for operators to become owners of the vehicles within three to four years. According to him, the need for better, decent and more rewarding means of transportation and livelihood for the unemployed and underemployed population calls for the new ‘Lagos State Taxi Scheme’. “Under this arrangement, the beneficiary will receive a new car that will become the property of the driver after completing the payment of the subsidized cost of the vehicle,” he said. Mr. Sanwo-Olu said that to enhance the safety of drivers and passengers, a comprehensive security device had been pre-installed in each deployed car, including a 360° dash camera, which would provide audio-visual feeds the 24 hours to the control center. for the scheme. He added that each car came with a physical panic button that could be used by anyone on board, in the event of an assault or emergency. The governor said the panic button was also on the mobile app and was connected to the Command and Control Center. He said the car assembly plant being set up in Lagos, another component of the partnership between CIG Motors and the state government, is 60 percent complete, and is expected to start operations in September. A historic achievement Transport Commissioner Frederic Oladehinde said the scheme was another landmark achievement by the state government. Mr. Oladeinde said that in order to make travel affordable, the technology with which the scheme was operated had made it possible to share rides for passengers, who would agree to share the ride and transit costs. CIG Motors Nigeria President Diana Chang said that the roadmap for the urbanization of the transport system in Lagos began in November 2019, when Mr. Sanwo-Olu and members of his cabinet visited the Republic of China to a two-way partnership. Ms. Chang said that the inauguration of the LAG RIDE was the glorious end of the sealed partnership with Chinese investors. “We are using this partnership to promote a Great Lakes where opportunities abound for the state’s citizens, while creating a win-win model,” he said. IBILE Holding Managing Director Abiodun Amokomowo said more than 5,700 drivers had downloaded the driver mobile apps as of Tuesday, of which 1,786 drivers submitted applications. Mr. Amokomowo said that 359 drivers had been accepted for registration and registration fees, while others were awaiting evaluation. ”As part of the process that each operator will go through for the safety of life and the effective operations of the scheme. “We will conduct a full check of applicants’ Lagos State Drivers Institute (LASDRI) identification cards, medical history, background check and verification of NIN and Lagos resident registration numbers,” it said. (YAYA) advertisements Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Sanwo-Olu launches 1,000 Lagos Ride taxis ‘powered by technology’