School teacher physically assaults two-year-old girl

A mother of a two-year-old boy has recounted how a school teacher spanked her two-year-old son. Faustina Ohamadike told PREMIUM TIMES on Friday that the teacher she identified as ‘Aunt Joy’ spanked her young son at Unic Vilos Montessori, a private school in the Maza-Maza area of ​​Lagos. Photos shared on social media by a Twitter user, @WakaWakaTailor, showed bruises on the boy’s back. According to the mother of four, the boy had just returned to school after a week’s absence due to illness. “She is still in pain, she is the one crying. It happened on Monday. My daughter is not feeling well. She took her to the hospital, so it was on Saturday (February 5) that she took her last dose. They are always whipped on the forehead or under the palm of the hand,” said Ms. Ohamadike. “So when I got home… I saw her lying down, I took her hand, she screamed, I was surprised, I wanted to touch the other hand, she screamed too, I had to throw my bag and (turn on) the flashlight on my phone. . I took her clothes off and there are so many bruises all over her back. I was like who did this to this girl? I don’t have a cane at home. Ms. Ohamadike said she confronted the owner, who told her that her daughter was spanked because she was asked to read and she refused. “I said this is too much, mom, I won’t take it. Who spanked her? She now said Mrs. Joy, I said mom, get Mrs. Joy. She said that the teacher was not around. … For him to give me the reason why he is going to spank this girl, this girl who doesn’t feel well. And my son said that she fell like she was being spanked and she was crying,” she said. Ms. Ohamadike said she plans to pick up her children from school, adding that the owner (and others) arrived at her residence on Friday but did not open the door for them. The school reacts Contacted, the owner of the school confirmed that the teacher hit the boy. “The teacher was teaching in the class, the girl was doing something wrong, she was putting her hand in her private parts, so the teacher said that she turned around, saw her and warned her, … the third time she kept doing the same thing, she now he whipped her and asked her to stop,” said the owner who declined to give her name. The owner said that she heard the girl crying and immediately went into the classroom to find out (what happened). ALSO READ: Sex to survive: how officials use underage internally displaced girls as objects of pleasure “I held the baby and told her what she had done was wrong and she nodded her head. I said don’t do that again,” she said. The owner, who is also a neighbor of Ms. Ohamadike, said that around 9 p.m., Ms. Ohamadike came to her house to inform her of the problem and followed her to see the child. “I took out the clothes, I saw the cane (marks), I said no, I don’t like this, just two lines, but I said tomorrow I will warn the teacher. When her husband came over, she started putting on the girl’s clothes and she didn’t want her husband to see her,” she said. “I said it was fine, we argued, he even offered me malt and bread and I ate it. Then I went to my flat.” The owner said the teacher publicly apologized to Ms. Ohamadike “on her knees,” adding that the teacher had been suspended. She also said that she and some teachers went to Ms. Ohamadike’s house on Friday and “knocked on the door for five hours” but she refused to let them in. “My landlady went to her house this morning, she refused to open the door, even church members came to her house this morning, she refused to open the door. She said that she didn’t want to see anyone,” the owner said. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; School teacher physically assaults two-year-old girl