Soludo vows to end IPOB sit-at-home order in Anambra

Governor Carlos Soludo of Anambra State says his last 100 days in office have been “shaky” and challenging due to the growing “insecurity and red treasury” he inherited from his predecessor, Willie Obiano. Soludo, who revealed this on Saturday during a ceremony to mark his 100 days in office, vowed to end Monday’s stay-at-home order declared by the outlawed Biafran Indigenous Peoples. “Without a doubt, the last 100 days have been bumpy and challenging as expected, with insecurity and a red treasury being the most omen, as clearly identified in our inaugural address,” he said. “So, with revenues declining against the backdrop of insecurity and a mountain of debt including over N20 billion in tip arrears to retirees since 2018 in the face of your sky-high expectations, some fundamental disruptive changes they are unavoidable,” Mr. Soludo added. The governor, however, asked people who pitied him for the situation to withdraw their pity, explaining that he “conscientiously applied for this job and there will be no excuses.” Monday’s sit-at-home order by IPOB, which has ruined Anambra’s economy and disrupted people’s social lives, will soon be history, the governor said. “Our children will have their full week of school and our businesses will be back in charge,” he said. “We have declared zero tolerance for promotion, which has endeared the government to transport owners, operators and stakeholders. “More programs and projects will be unveiled in due course, particularly to retrain and empower former resellers.” He said that most of the 100 days have been spent making key government appointments and combating insecurity in the state. The governor said his administration would work hard to implement his manifesto, which he said focuses on five critical pillars of a security, law and order, economic transformation agenda; social agenda; governance, rule of law and value system, noting that he has started work in those areas. “We have maintained the policy of the past administration of ‘Community Choose Your Project’ in which communities receive grants from the state government to execute a priority project or projects for the community. “Our administration has launched a new phase and increased the grant from N20 million to N25 million per community. We have also launched a policy that no state civil service retirees will be owed a tip under our administration and have paid retirees from March to date. “We have also begun, albeit gradually, to pay free pensioners who have retired since 2018 and there is hope and joy on earth. We have also approved the same policy for local governments,” said the governor. Soludo said his administration has successfully screened more than 40,000 candidates who have applied for teaching positions in the state’s primary and secondary schools. He said another 6,000 candidates will soon be screened for hire in the state. The governor said that as the state’s resources dwindle, his administration would begin collecting taxes from Anambra residents and the state’s indigenous diaspora, ensuring that such taxes should be put to good use. He said: “The road ahead will be bumpy and every citizen has a duty to contribute to building a livable and prosperous homeland in the context of diminishing resources. “You will be called to bear some sacrifices. For my supporters and party members, it would mean that the state can no longer afford many political appointments. An agile but effective government will be required. “Ndi Anambra at home and abroad are called upon to pay their taxes to the Anambra state government. We cannot build those roads into your local governments and communities with bare hands.” Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Soludo vows to end IPOB sit-at-home order in Anambra