State police: how to control the abuses of state governors

The Governor of Ekiti State, kayodefayemihas denounced the growing state of insecurity in many states of the country He also lamented the increase in cybercrime in Ekiti. The Governor, who blamed these threats on various factors ranging from poverty to desperation among young Nigerians, emphasized the need to seek urgent measures to address them. One such measure, he says, is the establishment of the state police. He said this during a panel discussion on the inclusive peace and security initiative organized by the Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF) in partnership with the Center for Democracy and Development (CDD). Mr. Fayemi, who is also chairman of the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF), expressed his views on federal and state police as a measure to curb insecurity. This was in response to a question about the rejection of the state police by the federal government and the National Assembly in the recently concluded constitutional reform. Although the state police were part of the recommendations of the participants in the public hearing to review the Constitution, federal legislators ruled them out when the report was presented. The federal police, Fayemi said, abuse the rights of citizens, including the rights of governors, even with immunity. He recalled how he was “abused” in 2014 by the federal police, including as a governor with immunity. In most countries, he said, there is a regulatory authority that is in charge of sanctioning and sanctioning those who exceed their own responsibilities. “And I think that’s what we should be talking about. Instead of talking about the possibility of abuse, there would always be the possibility of abuse. We can’t run away from it. But do we have an effective police force now that it is federal? “…there are also crimes that are within the borders of our states according to the statute that has been enacted or enacted by our local state assemblies. And there are also crimes that are local, because they are local jurisdictions of local governments. “If you haven’t paid your rent, the local police should take care of you. It should not be the state police, because the rent rate is the responsibility of the local authority. It is not the responsibility of the state. So that’s my take on that.” When asked what states use security votes for, the governor said some state governors fund police more than the federal government. “We buy vehicles from them. We pay them allowances. In some cases, we even buy ammunition, of course under the authority. And if we’re going to engage our military in assisting civil authority, which you’ll find, actually in 36 states in this country today, we’ll pay you.” The governor also denounced the rise in cybercrime in his state, a problem he said is becoming a major challenge for the government. “The popular cyber security, yahoo yahoo, is becoming a major issue for us. Because many of our youth are engaging in these nefarious activities. “And it’s often not understood, because there’s an almost inexplicable link between that and substance abuse, which is also on the rise in many of our communities. These are things that we don’t particularly pay enough attention to, but where you find substance abuse, you’re likely to find cybercrime. And you’re also likely to find weapons proliferation, particularly small arms proliferation. “…and ultimately until we make sure we address not only the conflicts and crime, but also the causes of these conflicts. And we know some of them, children out of school, poverty in our communities, desperation among the youth in the communities, and generally good governance, improving the quality of governance. “We may not be able to totally avoid what we are going through. Even when you have all of that, you will still have crime. But if you don’t have it at all, it becomes even more of a problem for you.” Local government autonomy Mr. Fayemi was asked his opinion on the autonomy of local governments and why states do not allow local governments to play a role in providing security independently. The financial and administrative autonomy of local governments was one of the 47 bills approved by the National Assembly in the recently concluded constitutional reform. The legislations seek to allow local governments to manage their structure and elections independently. advertisements While Mr. Fayemi said he has no objection to local authorities playing a role in local security, he opposed the idea of ​​allowing local governments to manage and conduct their elections. He said he’s not suggesting that local government autonomy is precisely the way people put it. “The principle of federalism is very clear about the federative units. Local government as a federative unit is a unique innovation in Nigeria, I don’t see it in any research paper, in any book on federalism. “The autonomy of local governments is a matter of the State, because the State is the federative unit. And most of the countries that are federating today, they have a dual federation system, they have the federal and the state. So, those who call for local government autonomy, (it is) a populist demand. I don’t think it will ultimately serve the purpose that they want it to serve. “Because we have capacity challenges at that level just like we have at the state level. But the result is what matters. And the result is that you can have a Security Council in the local authority. We have in my state, the local governments have a Security Council almost monthly, and they get involved in our security operations. So it’s what they do, not what name they’re called, that should matter. “…we can have a regulatory framework to address the challenges of state government or ruling party ownership of elections, but suggest that the solution is to bring in INEC to run the state Electoral Commission. I do not agree with you.” For his part, the deputy governor of Plateau state, Sonni Tyoden, who represented the governor, called for the self-defense groups to be properly integrated into the main security structure. “The existence of these self-defense groups are manifestations of disenchantment with the existing security apparatus. And I think if we properly model vigilantes, build them into the security structure, I think we’ll get something better out of it,” he said. He also supported the call for community policing which, he said, is different from state policing and is practiced in Plateau state. A CDD manual on the Inclusive Peace and Security Initiative was launched at the event. 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