Sylvester Oromoni: Why do I think there are ‘mass cover-ups’ about my son’s death?

Sylvester Oromoni (Snr), the father of the late student of Downen CollegeHe has explained in court why he believes there is a “massive cover-up” in his son’s death. He was speaking Tuesday while responding to Akingbola Goerge, a lawyer representing the Lagos State Ministry of Justice, in the ongoing forensic investigation in Lagos into the alleged murder of his son. “We have seen many videos on social media and you have eloquently said that there is a massive cover-up in this case. Who are the cover-ups, when and how? the lawyer asked. Oromoni said: “There is a massive cover-up and it is clearly stated in the police report. A magistrates court in Yaba requested 21 days and after 14 days, the children were granted bail when the police had not finished their investigations. “When I saw the (former) police commissioner (Hakeem Odumosu), he told me that it was not true that they had not finished their investigation. “He said that the day they said they had released those boys, the courts were not sitting. Then I called the Deputy Commissioner of Police. He told me the same thing and he told me to give him some time.” He said that Mr. Odumosu called him back and told him that they had been given 21 days for their investigations and that the children had just spent 14 days in detention. “They (the police) said they were going to write a protest letter. They were already questioning two of the students so they were caught off guard,” she said. “The same Police Commissioner, after a few days, already publicly said that at the request of the Governor, the Attorney General’s Office and the Directorate of the Public Ministry (DPP) said that nothing was wrong with the boys, therefore, they have left them on freedom. .” “Do you know the processes involved in the administration of justice in matters of children?” the lawyer asked. “No,” said Oromomi. Scan Oromoni said the deceased was brought to the church on Monday morning (November 29) for a deliverance service, an hour-long service. He confirmed that his doctor, Owhojede Henry, had ordered a scan of the deceased, and as of November 29, the scan showed that nothing was found in his stomach. The attorney asked, “Would you agree with me that whatever the pathologist found in the stomach on December 2 must have been later than the 29th? “I don’t agree with him,” he said. ALSO READ: Sylvester Oromoni: Two students accused of bullying deceased were suspended in 2019 – Witness At last week’s hearing, pathologist Sunday Soyemi, who performed the second autopsy, said a blackish substance was found in the intestine of the deceased but was not tested because there was no facility with the hospital to conduct a toxicology test. cult group Perrison Oromoni (cousin of the deceased) had alleged in a tweet that “five children beat the deceased for his refusal to join the cult, is he lying?” asked Ayi Ekpenyong, a lawyer. “I cannot answer you,” Oromomi said. Before that, the lawyer had asked: “Did he mention that he was beaten because he was asked to join a cult? In response, Oromomi said, “He did not mention the cult.” He said he learned that the deceased was beaten on November 14 in a court statement. “Would it surprise you if a certain Peter (your employee) and Amanda (daughter) speculated that the decedent was beaten up by some Dowen University students?” Mr. Ekpenyong asked. “I am surprised,” replied Mr. Oromoni. advertisements Oromoni said that “those videos were not made in anticipation of his death”, adding that the mother of the deceased made it to use it in “thanksgiving in (the) church to show what he went through”. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Sylvester Oromoni: Why do I think there are ‘mass cover-ups’ about my son’s death?