The collection of results in the rooms begins (LIVE UPDATES)

Compilation of the results of Saturday’s gubernatorial elections in Osuna State It has started in some neighborhoods of the state. Collation has been completed in some of the state’s 3,763 precincts and the results have been announced by election officials. Voting officially ended at 2:30 pm in many voting units in the state’s 30 local government areas. The results of the polling stations where the counting has been completed have been taken to the district collation centers. PREMIUM TIMES will bring the results of the districts as announced by the election officials after the collection of the results of the various voting units. ALSO READ: #OsunDecide2022: APC wins Aregbesola polling station The election was held in 30 local government areas, comprising 332 districts and 3,763 voting units in the state on Saturday. There are 15 political parties that have presented candidates for the elections. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; The collection of results in the rooms begins (LIVE UPDATES)