The growth of BUA is evidence of the correctness of my government’s policies

President Muhammadu Buhari said Friday in Abuja that entrepreneurs and the business community, whose investments align with the government’s priorities in value creation and employment, will continue to receive the full support of his administration, noting that the tremendous growth experienced by conglomerates like BUA Group it is evidence of the correctness of government policies. The President, who received the Management of the BUA Group at the Government House headed by the President, AbdulSamad Rabiu, said that the government’s focus on import substitution to encourage local production and export stimulates growth and stability, and urged investors to take advantage of the vision. “Let me assure you and the entire business community that this government remains ready, willing and able to support all well-meaning Nigerian entrepreneurs whose investments align with our import substitution and domestic job creation policies and programs,” he said. President Buhari praised the chairman of BUA Group for concentrating investments in the country and moving from trading to manufacturing. “I am impressed and proud of BUA’s transformation from a trading company to a manufacturing conglomerate. “A key pillar of our administration’s policy drive is import substitution, especially when it comes to essential items like food, household supplies and housing. A nation of our size and with our natural and human resources is showing its weakness if it continues to import basic necessities. “For every grain of rice, wheat or corn we import, we destroy the livelihoods of our local farmers while creating jobs abroad. That is why seven years ago our Government introduced numerous laws, decrees and incentives that support companies with import substitution projects,” said the president. He stressed that the administration’s focus remains on job creation and economic security. “In the medium term, our hope was to see Nigerian companies expand their expertise and production capacity to other African nations, helping them achieve their food and economic security goals as well. In the long term, our desire is to create a peaceful and prosperous continent with a young and talented population that is fed, clothed and housed. “Today, through the history of BUA, it is clear that we are on the right track! The company has continued to invest in domestic production and processing by leveraging our local raw materials and young talent. “It is always moving to see and learn from Nigerian companies doing so much within Nigeria. Most of this phenomenal growth was achieved during this administration,” he added. President Buhari noted that the successes recorded by entrepreneurs and the business community, such as BUA, were “clear testimonials to the correctness of our programs and policies.” “We have also seen similar successes, especially in the food and agricultural input value chain,” he said. The president commended the BUA president for his resilience, perseverance and patriotism, stating that the government will continue to encourage small business growth. “You have shown through your efforts at BUA, what is possible in our country and this is what I have always been working for, a situation in which we have businesses that can add value, create employment opportunities and reduce our dependency. of imports while positioning ourselves for exports and global competitiveness. “I am therefore not surprised to hear that two of your group companies, BUA Cement plc and BUA Foods Plc, are now among the top 10 most valuable publicly traded companies in sub-Saharan Africa. “Your success story and those of many more Nigerian entrepreneurs give us the motivation to do more as a government to support the aspirations of all businesses, large and small,” he said. President Buhari also thanked the businessman for his philanthropy. “Furthermore, he didn’t stop at what his country has allowed him to accomplish, he also continues to give back. The Abdul Samad Rabiu Initiative has been implementing philanthropic programs not only in Nigeria but throughout Africa. “A good example is the National Police Referral Hospital building in Abuja, which you recently donated to the Nigerian Police. These exemplary and impactful gestures are necessary to support our law enforcement agencies who are working hard, day and night, to protect our lives and property. On behalf of the Nigerian government, I want to thank you for your patriotism.” In his remarks, Mr. Rabiu said that the BUA Group is well aware of where it was when the Buhari administration arrived and the leaps and bounds it has taken today. He said the group’s blessings include: three new 7.5 million metric ton capacity cement factories in Edo and Sokoto states to existing plants, a new 750,000 metric ton sugar refinery in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, a 20,000 hectare 4-in-1 fully integrated sugar plantation in Kwara State with a sugar refinery and an ethanol plant, four flour and paste mills, a 200,000 barrel per day refinery with a petrochemical plant, among others. He further introduced: “We have continued to build and invest extensively in Nigeria and all these new projects were made possible by the immense opportunities your government has created to ensure industrialization and self-sufficiency by supporting serious businesses in many industries to make the most of our resources. and potentialities available locally. “Your Excellency, I must say that you have done a lot and tried to create a business friendly environment in Nigeria by following the steps that we, and many others, have achieved. The results can and will speak for themselves long after you have left office. We know where we were in 2015 when you arrived.” female killer Special Advisor to the President (Media and advertising) Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; The growth of BUA is evidence of the correctness of my government’s policies