The gubernatorial race is open for others despite the fact that Emmanuel chose the preferred successor – Official

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Akwa Ibom state would not close its doors to other gubernatorial hopefuls even though Governor Udom Emmanuel put forward his preferred successor for the 2023 elections, state Information Commissioner Ini Emembong said. There has been unease and some opposition in the state, including within Mr. Emmanuel’s cabinet and the PDP, over the Governor’s choice of Land and Water Resources Commissioner Umo Eno as the preferred successor. In addition to the senator representing the northeastern district of Akwa Ibom, Bassey Albert, and the member representing the federal constituency of Etinan in the House of Representatives, Onofiok Luke, the Economic Development Commissioner of Emmanuel’s cabinet, Akan Okon, are among the few who have so far expressed an interest in succeeding the governor. Udom Inoyo, former Vice President of Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited, joined the race early enough and was even rumored to be Governor Emmanuel’s preferred choice. “Even when the governor (Emmanuel) was running for election when I was state publicity secretary for the PPD, he told us in the party to make sure that if someone wants to buy a form to run for governor, that the person buys. “The gates of the party were flung wide open on his own election. So if he did that in his own election, will he become overbearing in an election that he doesn’t aspire to?” Information Commissioner Ememobong said Monday as he was speaking to reporters in Uyo about the issues related to the 2023 election in the state. “Therefore, there is absolutely no need to be afraid or cause for alarm. Those who want to go to the elections must prepare to go to the elections.” A reporter asked Mr. Ememobong if he really believed the governor’s claim that God revealed Mr. Eno to him as the person who should succeed him. Mr. Ememobong replied, “I think the governor, he is the one who had the meeting. I wasn’t there when the encounter happened. I wasn’t there when the revelation happened, but I believe him. “Why do I believe you? In my relationship with him, whether it be boss to servant, father to son, or publicity secretary to the party’s candidate, he has never told a lie to me, Ini Ememobong. So I believe him.” Ememobong said that “politics is a game of interest, not a game of vilification.” “If the majority of the people of Akwa Ibom join Umo Eno’s interests, they become his interest. It is the first time that Umo Eno comes out. The difference is that before he has had a chance to sell himself and get people interested in his agenda, he is faced with an attack. “By revelation, he has arrived on the scene. By confrontation, some people have confronted him. Now it is by negotiation that would promote his agenda. And in the end, by nomination, the party’s candidate will come out. And by election, the next governor of Akwa Ibom will emerge. So there is no controversy,” he added. Mr. Emmanuel’s preferred successor comes from the Nsit Ubium Local Government Area. Although the post of governor is zoned to the northeastern district of Akwa Ibom, of which Nsit Ubium is a part, there are many who are of the opinion that the post should be further zoned to a federal constituency, the Itu/Ibiono Ibom federal constituency, which had not yet produced a governor within the district. ALSO READ: 2023: Governor Emmanuel introduces preferred successor to Akwa Ibom Governorate A reporter asked Mr. Ememobong why his father was taking a different stance from Governor Emmanuel, regarding which area of ​​Akwa Ibom should produce the next governor. The commissioner said his father, Ememobong Essien, a respected traditional ruler of 80 years who was part of the struggle for the creation of the state of Akwa Ibom, was entitled to his political opinion. He said it was not a crime for his father to want a governor to come from his local government area: Ibiono Ibom. “He cannot be vilified for taking that position. And what did he say? He simply said that it is his wish but that the demands must be peaceful.” The commissioner, however, said that he (Ini Ememobong) would provide the political leadership in the area and that, insofar as he would not fight Ibiono Ibom’s wishes, he would do as the governor wanted. “I am a government appointed official, I have the trust of a designator and I will execute that trust. I will support a man who has supported me, I will support a man who gave me a date for a day like this. “But will I fight against the wishes of my people? The answer is no. These things do not clash, the governor I serve has made an election and has not closed the space. The challenge would have been if the governor had made a decision and closed the space,” he said. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; The gubernatorial race is open for others despite the fact that Emmanuel chose the preferred successor – Official