The PDP wants to be the sole contender in the 2023 Rivers elections

Renowned rights activist and leading supporter of Nigeria (SAN), Femi Falana, has told the reason why the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) dragged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC); Agreement; The Social Democratic Party (SDP), Labor Party and 12 others to court is to be the only contender in all elections in Rivers State in 2023. The PDP had taken INEC, Accord and 15 others to a Federal High Court in Port Harcourt for alleged breaches of the new electoral law during their recently concluded party primaries. The PDP asks the court to force the INEC to never recognize candidates from their respective parties and others, especially those from the National Assembly for allegedly violating the new electoral law. The presiding judge, Judge Dalyop Pam, after hearing submissions from all parties involved, adjourned the matter until August 31 for a final hearing. Speaking outside the courtroom, Falana, who is the SDP’s lawyer, said he would join the issues with the PDP, adding that the move was an attempt to make the Applicant (PDP) the sole contender in all elections. in the state. He said: “The PDP sued the INEC, the SDP and 15 members of the SDP. The sole purpose of the case is an attempt by the PDP to be the sole contender in all elections in Rivers State in 2023. “The PDP is challenging the results of the primaries held by the SDP and I think the PDP is challenging every other political party in the state, with a view to not having an election in this state for any office. “We have not yet filed our objections, what the court took this morning was our request to appear with a view to defending the case and we are going to join the matters with the PDP very seriously.” The lawyer for the second defendant, Accord, Abdullamid Mohammed (SAN) said that they are challenging the place of the lawsuit and pointed out that one political party cannot challenge the activities of another that is guided by a different constitution and rules. He said: “We subsequently tabled a motion to remove the Accord name because it was sued as the Accord Party, that party does not exist in Nigeria. On the one hand, we ask the court to remove Accord from the lawsuit, and on the other hand, we also question the jurisdiction of the lawsuit.” However, PDP lawyer Dike Udenna, while explaining what happened in court, said: “The pre-election issue came up this morning. With regard to the Accord political party, the court was informed that they are disputing their very existence. “They filed an application with the court to say that their name is the Agreement Party, that there is no political party known as the Agreement Party. Therefore, the name of the Settlement Party should be removed from the case. “We objected. We know them as the Agreement Party and all INEC newspapers bear the name Agreement Party. So, we oppose them and we have submitted applications. They asked the court for an adjournment so they could respond to the counter affidavit we filed. The matter has been adjourned until August 31 for a hearing on the substantive case. “The one from SDP, Femi Falana SAN entered to appear for the accused and is still within the same time, he has just been attended to with the original processes a while ago, he still has about two days and requested a postponement so that he can formally present his processes . “The one from the Labor Party, they still have like two days. Then, it was also postponed until August 31, so that they could file all their papers. Matters are now to be heard.” Read More Related News Here Do you have an opinion about this; ‘The PDP wants to be the sole contender in the 2023 Rivers elections’ — Nigeria — Newslodge Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News   Let’s hear it in the comment below