Train Attack: Reports Freed Hostages Paid Terrorists Ransom May Have Been Exaggerated: Negotiator

Tukur Manu, editor of the Desert Herald newspaper, which brokered the release of seven hostages held by terrorists who attacked a Kaduna-bound train in March, has insisted he is unaware of the ransom payment to secure the hostages’ release. “Money cannot accomplish what I have done today. And I will never get involved in any matter that has to do with money, said Mr. Manu when announcing the release of the hostages. He also participated in the negotiation that led to the release of another 11 hostages by the bandits in June. Reacting to a Daily Trust newspaper report that six Nigerian hostages paid 100 million naira each, while the seventh hostage, a Pakistani, paid 200 million naira before being released, he told PREMIUM TIMES that the report may have been “exaggerated”. The Daily Trust reported that N800 million was paid to the terrorists to secure the release of the captives. “The terrorists collected the ransom in naira and US dollars. Only N200 million was raised in naira, the remaining N600 million was paid in the equivalent of US dollars,” one of the sources told the Daily Trust. However, Mr. Manu told PREMIUM TIMES on Tuesday afternoon that the ransom payment report might have been exaggerated and therefore not accurate. He also added that he did not know that any ransom was paid. ALSO READ: Train attack: Kaduna-based publisher secures release of additional seven hostages “I measured the release of the captives for health reasons and I was able to achieve it,” he said during a telephone interview. “I did not know how such a large amount of money was paid as a ransom, I am not aware of that payment,” Mamu added. The terrorists, who are still holding several hostages kidnapped on the train, have so far released 20 hostages. They have also threatened to kill the hostages if the Nigerian government does not meet their demands, which include the release of their children held in a government facility in Nasarawa. In June President Muhammadu Buhari ordered the country’s security forces to do everything necessary to ensure the release of the hostages Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Train Attack: Reports Freed Hostages Paid Terrorists Ransom May Have Been Exaggerated: Negotiator