Umana talks about the constitution of the new board for NDDC

The Minister for Niger Delta Affairs, Umana Umana, has ruled on when Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) would have a new board of directors. Mr. Umana said that he personally is keen to have a board overseeing the NDDC’s activities because it would help its work “run smoothly”. He was speaking to reporters at the presidential villa on Wednesday after the Federal Executive Council meeting chaired by President Muhammadu Buhari. The constitution of a new board for the NDDC should be done after the federal government has issued a white paper on the commission’s forensic audit, according to the minister. “The forensic audit was like an investigation. Typically, when the government institutes an investigation, the findings will go back to the Federal Executive Council and a white paper will be issued. We are at the stage of concluding on that, the reports of the results of the audit will go to the Federal Executive Council. The white paper is then the decisions of the federal government on the results of the forensic audit. “Of course, with the white paper published, those who committed violations will be called to account and what the government has to do, then it will proceed to do it. “So, we are at the stage of concluding on that. And I can very conveniently say that the constitution of the board will follow immediately after,” said Mr. Umana. Umana said that the Federal Executive Council approved additional costs for the forensic audit. ALSO READ: Absence of a lawyer halts lawsuit opposing appointment of sole NDDC administrator “These auditors have since completed their work, but in the course of completing this work, it was discovered that they had to deal with many more projects than originally planned. And the exercise also took an additional seven months. The total number of additional projects considered by the auditors was 3,773. “So due to the additional number of projects and the additional time taken, the Council today approved an additional revised sum of N765,974,975.50 to cover the additional work carried out by the forensic auditors,” the minister said. The NDDC has been led by a single administrator, Effiong Akwa, since December 2020. There have been agitations for the removal of Mr. Akwa and the setting up of a new board for the commission. Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Umana talks about the constitution of the new board for NDDC