Veteran actor Okunnu laments state of nation, rains down curses on Nigerian leaders

As Nigerians continue to bear the brunt of attacks by unknown groups, rising cost of living and poor leadership, veteran Yoruba actor Wale Akorede, popularly known as Okunnu, has lamented the state of the nation. The Oyo state-born actor, who began acting in 1984, lampooned Nigerian leaders on the state of the nation in an Instagram post early Monday morning. Okunnu not only cast generational curses on the Nigerian leaders who have contributed to the worsening state of the nation, but also asked several open questions. In a video shared on his Instagram page, Okunnu wondered when Nigerians would start enjoying the good life. The actor expressed his anger and frustration, saying, “Nigeria is alarming. Whether it is a man, a woman, a child, an elderly person who contributes to making the nation what it is today, their lives will also be affected from generation to generation.” “All those who contributed to making Nigeria as bad as it is today, their lives will also be bad from generation to generation. The veteran actor, best known for his comedic roles in Yoruba films, said: “I have never been in this mood in my life, where are we going in this country. When are we going to have fun in this country? ogogo too Okunnu’s Instagram outburst came on the heels of his colleague, Taiwo Ogogo, also known as Ogogo, getting into a fight with a tout in Ogun State in a viral video. Like Okunnu, Ogogo lamented the growing number of unemployed youth after being approached by a salesman who harassed the actor and demanded a certain amount of money. Later, Ogogo took to his Instagram, clarifying why he was involved in the fights with the vendors and encouraging more young people to get involved positively. The soft-spoken actor also revealed how he used his boxing skills to teach a rebellious fan a lesson in Ilaro, Ogun State. Sharing his side of the story on his Instagram page, Ogogo wrote, “Before the bloggers pick this up, let me tell you my side of the story and the truth. “I was in Ilaro, my hometown, for a project inspection, after which strangers approached me for normal appraisals. ‘We watch your movie’, ‘give us (us) money’, ‘We watched you throughout our childhood’. As actors, we hear this every day. “I offered everything I had on me, and one of them dragged me by my ‘agbada’ and demanded an amount that I couldn’t pay. I asked him to leave me, but he told me: ‘Do your worst (sic)’. The rest is history (sic)”. The actor also used the opportunity to plead with fans who have a habit of harassing celebrities. He wrote, “Please stop harassing actors (and other) artists. “Do you pay someone to do your job? No. It’s our job too. Accept everything we offer you when we do it. Remember, once a boxer, always a boxer.” Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; Veteran actor Okunnu laments state of nation, rains down curses on Nigerian leaders