We don’t torture suspects, we just scare them, police officer tells #EndSARS panel

A police officer told the #EndSARS panel on Wednesday that the police do not torture suspects, but only scare them to get the truth out of them. Gambo Gadzama, an inspector, appeared to testify in a case of the alleged murder of Obinna Jonah at a police detention center in Abuja in January 2020. The independent investigative panel created by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) following the October 2020 #EndSARS protest against police brutality, is investigating cases of allegations of rights violations allegedly committed by the defunct Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) and other police units. Mr. Gadzama, who appeared as a defense witness on Wednesday, told the panel that the suspect, Mr. Jonah, was never tortured as alleged in the petition. “No one tortured anyone. We don’t torture suspects, we just scare them with words like ‘I’ll hit you’ so they can confess,” Gadzama told the panel. Petition Okechukwu Jonah, the brother of the suspect, had applied to the panel alleging that the police extrajudicially killed his brother in 2020. He said that the body of the deceased person had not been handed over to the family for a proper burial since then. In his testimony, Mr. Jonah recounted how his family members searched for Mr. Obinna at different police stations in Abuja, but were told that there was no record of his arrest or detention. The panel then summoned Mr. Gadzama along with other police officers named in the case to appear to tell their side of the story. Defending In his testimony, Mr. Gadzama told the panel that Mr. Obinna was arrested as a member of a cult gang and armed robbery on January 29, 2020 after gang leader Chikazor confessed and he named 13 people he claimed were members of the gang. gang. It added that Mr. Obinna was unwell at the time of his arrest and his condition worsened during detention. “They called me the next day because he had collapsed and we rushed him to the Area 1 police clinic,” Gadzama said. He added that Mr. Obinna’s death was confirmed upon arrival at the clinic and that the leader of the investigation team deposited his body in the morgue of the Wuse General Hospital. He went on to say that they couldn’t do the autopsy because they couldn’t trace any of Mr. Obinna’s relatives. cross-examination Responding to questions from panel members under questioning, Gadzama said none of the 14 arrested suspects had been tortured. “Obinna was never tortured because he admitted the accusations against him. Nobody tortured any of them,” Gadzama said. Mr. Gadzama told the panel that he did not know if the deceased’s body was still in the morgue since he was not the one who deposited the body. Background Another defendant in the case, Adebayo Jogbo-jogbo, Deputy Superintendent of Police, had testified on the case filed in December 2021. Mr. Jogbo-jogbo told the panel that Mr. Obinna died after he collapsed and was taken to the hospital on January 31, 2020. He said that he was turned away from the hospital because it coincided with the period of the Covid pandemic. -19, since it was difficult to secure a space for the bed. This claim was criticized by the petitioner’s lawyer, who pointed out that Nigeria had not recorded any cases of Covid-19 as of January 2020. A suspect arrested along with the deceased, Abba Onuojha, testified before the panel in December 2021 that he witnessed police torture Mr. Obinna before he collapsed to death. panel failure The panel ordered the police to find out if the body of the deceased is still in the morgue. Garba Tetengi, one of the panel members, who chaired the hearings, said the panel can only order the release of a deceased body after confirming that it is still in the morgue. The panel adjourned the matter until March 29 for the adoption of written directions. advertisements Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; We don’t torture suspects, we just scare them, police officer tells #EndSARS panel