What the next administration will inherit from me

President Muhammadu Buhari pledged in Abuja on Monday his commitment to handing over to the next administration a diversified and strong local economy driven by agriculture, a stable democracy and renewed military and security forces. Speaking at a dinner in honor of the 2022 Committee of Business, Political, Media and Civil Society Leaders, Mr. President he said he hoped to complete his term in 2023, leaving a legacy for a united, peaceful and prosperous Nigeria with 24 years of uninterrupted democracy. Assuring Nigerians that his administration will finish strong in the last stage of his term, the president said: “I am gradually entering my last year in office. It is a period that I intend to spend not only consolidating the achievements of the past seven years, but also leaving a legacy for a united, peaceful and prosperous Nigeria. “I take this initiative in the sense that all of you intend to collaborate with this administration in that direction. ”For those of you who are politicians, you need to look beyond gaining power and see how you can take advantage of public positions in the process of social change. For the businessmen and women among you, there is great glory in public service. ”The question that should always be the most important is: How do we use our commercial endowment for the good of our country? ”I am delighted that members of the Nigerian elite have woken up to the fact that the task of changing this society is a task for all of us, whether we are in the public or private sector. Knowing that, we have enormous challenges as a nation, but they are not beyond our ability to overcome if we take a new approach. “We cannot retreat into our ethnic cocoons, nor can we continue to seek solace in our past. We must defend the idea of ​​a Nigeria in which all citizens are proud to call their own. That is the charge before you.” Expressing his satisfaction at the new awareness of Nigerian elites to work together with the political class and civil society to build a better Nigeria, President Buhari noted that building consensus around issues of economy, national security, governance and other areas critiques of national life life is a sure path to the future we seek to build. “As we all know, I have been very critical of Nigerian elites, essentially because some of us have not always shown that we can overcome personal gain, political partisanship, and ethnic and religious differences when the situation demands that we all speak up. I act as such in the interest of our country. “There are also many among our elites for whom profit remains the sole motivation for each and every business. “But now, I am encouraged by the fact that a more collaborative social enterprise model is being forged to solve our common challenges. ”I must praise this initiative and its organizers. This is the kind of spirit that I have always championed because it is what we need right now as we seek to build our society for peace, security and prosperity through dialogue while bridging the gap between rich and poor.” Regarding the activities of the commission, the president acknowledged that he was aware that attendance at its inaugural meeting on Sunday was transversal to a broad sector of society in the public, private, civil society and youth sectors. The president praised the group for overcoming all ethnic and religious divisions for the common good, describing the feat as “fantastic.” The chair, who said he wished the group had met sooner, advised them to try to accommodate a few more interests at their next meeting as they delve deeper into our national challenges and offer workable, sustainable solutions for the short to medium term. , and in the long term.” “It is our wish to finish strong in the next 16 months and make sure everyone is ready for the last lap. We are redoubling our efforts against all forms of insecurity, equipping our armed forces and strengthening the police. “We are determined to continue the war on corruption and fight poverty, we remain focused on building inclusive economic opportunity for all citizens.” The president told the meeting that despite the enormous problems inherited when he took office nearly seven years ago, he can look back with satisfaction that this administration has kept faith with the people and done well even in the midst of diminishing resources for reasons beyond our control. “But we probably would have done even better if we had secured the support of the majority of you who are here today, know that while the government comes and goes, the country must remain and prosper.” President Buhari used the occasion to wish politicians interested in elective office in the 2023 elections well at the dinner, warning that “there is nothing better than experience in leadership.” In response to concerns raised by Ekiti State Governor Kayode Fayemi about the resurgence of military takeovers in Mali, Guinea and Burkina Faso in August 2020, September 2021 and January 2022, respectively, the President said he strongly believes that “Nigeria has passed that scenario forever.” advertisements On the political situation in some West African countries, Mr. Fayemi said: “We believe that Nigeria has a manifest destiny to protect democracy not only in Nigeria but also in our region. But in doing so, we must ensure that our politicians strictly adhere to constitutional principles, and I am pleased that our president’s position on leaders seeking a third term is well known.” Giving more information on the working of the committee, Governor Fayemi said that Nigerians who have served the country in time, serving in different capacities, have a duty to support the country. “What the Committee has tried to do is develop an elite consensus on security and economics,” he said. He said the committee would harness the president’s unwavering leadership, tireless passion and patriotism to ensure a smooth transition, while also ensuring that the achievements of this administration are upheld and continued for the benefit of the country. “Here we have caciques from the PPD and the APC and we hope that by the time we finish this work, what we will present to the President will be devoid of partisan coloring. It is from people who want Nigerians to succeed.” The group’s coordinator and president of THISDAY/ARISE Media Group, Nduka Obaigbena, said Nigeria is facing a “historic transition like no other,” and with a crisis in Africa and at home, the 2022 committee emerged to “uphold the national interest.” . ” “The 2022 Committee was formed to defend Nigeria in a time of crisis and in a time of transition, we must uphold the national interest,” he said, noting that the members of the group were carefully selected from the business community, investors, governors, security sector and elder statesmen. Femi AdesinaSpecial Advisor to the President (Media and Advertising)January 31, 2022 Read More Related News Here Let here it in the comment below if you do have an opinion on this; What the next administration will inherit from me