What you need to know about Belinda Effah: background, career, husband, films and TV shows, net worth

  What you need to know about Belinda Effah: background, career, husband, films and TV shows, net worth: Belinda Effah is a well-known name, and she is most known for her work in Nigerian films. She is best known for the pivotal roles she played in the critically acclaimed television series Tales of Eve. Source: instagram.com, @belindaeffah As a direct consequence of this, she now has an impressively large number of followers on Instagram. Her rise to prominence has not been an easy one; she has been through a lot of difficult things, but she has persevered through it all, and as a result, she is successful now. Even though she is a well-known actress, the most of her followers are unclear on a great deal of information about her. For instance, specifics like her age, education, and a great deal of other information might not be known. You will gain a better understanding of her by reading her biography. Profile outline Real name: Belinda Effah Date of birth: December 14th, 1989 Zodiac sign: Sagittarius Place of birth: Cross River State, Nigeria Gender: Female Nationality: Nigerian Ethnicity: Black Occupation: Actress, entrepreneur Years active: 2005 – present Education: University of Calabar Background Her father, who served as a military officer in the Nigerian Navy, was one of the family’s thirteen children. Belinda Effah is one of her siblings. She was born and reared in the state of Cross River, which is located in the south of Nigeria and has a coastline. Belinda Effah’s father and her siblings have been a significant source of motivation for her. Patrick is the name of her older brother, who serves as a captain in the navy. Education The actress attended Hillside International Nursery & Elementary School from the time she was a young child till she completed her primary school there. Following that, she enrolled at the Nigerian Navy Secondary School in Port Harcourt. Following the conclusion of her studies at the secondary level, she was accepted into the University of Calabar. At the university, her areas of study included Genetics and Biotechnology. Career Since she was a little girl, the actress has exhibited a lifelong interest in the performing arts. When she was younger, she used to write stories and give them to her friends and sisters to read. She shown a natural talent for imitating others when she was still in elementary school, which is a skill that serves most performers and actresses well in their careers. 2005 marked the beginning of her acting career, which she launched in the television series Shallow Waters. She made the decision to compete in the reality show Next Movie Star while she was working on the series. Her appearance on the show catapulted her to national prominence, which resulted in a huge expansion of her following across the nation. The model or actress striking a pose for the camera. Her breakthrough role came in the Efik language film The Room, which was also her first major film role. The movie was shown on DSTV at some point. After that, she competed in a reality TV show and made it all the way to the final round, but she was ultimately unsuccessful. Source: instagram.com, @belindaeffah Effah did not give up and instead continued to pursue her acting career by attending auditions. She was cast in a role and appeared in Tales of Eve in the year 2011. Her meteoric rise to fame can be directly attributed to this one show in particular. Since then, she has appeared multiple times in a wide variety of films that are produced within the Nigerian film industry. As a TV presenter, Effah has also contributed her talents to the widely watched Nigerian lifestyle and music channel Sound City. However, she quit the channel in order to launch her own television show, which she called Lunch Break with Belinda. Films The successful actress has been in a number of movies that have become best selling hits. Some of them are: Udeme Mmi Jason Maydew Alan Poza Kokomma After the Proposal SA Girl Mrs Somebody Java’s House Lonely Heart Enquire Jump and Pass Cat and Mouse Apaye Princess Ekanem The Banker Ojuju Calabar Lost Pride Stop Keeping Secrets Luke of Lies Being Single Folly Black Val So in love TV shows Shallow waters Tales of Eve Awards The actress has accomplished a great deal in her brilliant career up to this point. The following is a list of some of her most prestigious prizes and recognitions. Best New Actress at the Golden Icons Academy Awards in 2012. Most Promising Act (female category) at the Best of Nollywood Awards in 2012. Best Rising Star at the Nollywood Movies Awards in 2013. Most Promising Act at the Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2013. Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Icons Academy Movie Award in 2014. Charity Belinda Advocates Against Rape is the name of the organization that the actress established in collaboration with Project Alert. The mission of the campaign is solely concentrated on educating young women about sexual assault. They discuss the truth of the situation and the fact that anyone may be affected by it. Source: instagram.com, @belindaeffah Husband The actress is a single parent at the moment, but she is quite proud of her son. There was a rumor going about for a while that she was dating another actor named Daniel K. Daniel. The fact that she became pregnant by another man put an end to their romance. The individual in question, who has been identified only as Belinda Effah’s sugar daddy, is the man who is the father of her baby. His primary location was in the United States. Aside from that, his real identity has not been revealed at this time. The current state of Effah’s romantic relationships is unknown at this time. It is difficult to determine whether or if she is dating someone at this time. On the other hand, she does not have specific requirements for a romantic partner. She previously remarked that she would have no difficulty settling down with another actor when she was asked about it. Social media The community of people who use social media includes the Nigerian actress in a significant way. On Instagram, she has an extraordinary following, with 1.2 million people following her account. Net worth It is estimated that the actress has a net worth of $500,000 at this time. Both her acting career and her business activities have contributed to her current financial situation. She has made an investment in the food sector since she is of the opinion that it would never go out of style. She is also the creator and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of House Of Belinda, an online-based fashion company. The shop carries a variety of items that can be worn by both gentlemen and ladies. Belinda Effah, who hails from Nigeria, is one of the most well-known actresses in both her home country and the rest of Africa. She has appeared in a number of movies that have been very successful as well as popular television series. Due to the exceptional quality of her work, she has garnered a large number of followers all over the world.  ________________________________________________________________________ belinda effah, belinda effah husband, belinda effah son, belinda effah movies